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Prescription Drug Take Back Day

If your home is like most in the country, you probably have some old prescription drugs lying around. You know the ones, that medicine that didn’t work or caused some bad reaction. Or maybe you didn’t follow the doctor’s instructions and finish all of the medication as directed. Whatever the reason, that stuff is there waiting to cause trouble. Did you know that one of the biggest drug problems now is kids taking multiple prescription drugs at “parties” where they all dip into their parents’ medicine cabinets to see what’s there? All of these random drugs are dumped into a container and the kids just dip in and grab a handful to pop. This results in overdoses, hospitalizations, and even death!

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is working to combat this problem as well as the problems of accidental poisoning and overdose from leftover prescription drugs. On Saturday, April 30, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. the DEA and the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, Santee Station, will hold a prescription drug take back at the Walgreens at 10512 Mission Gorge Rd. You can bring down any and all drugs to drop off, no questions asked. Help protect children and families from the dangers of prescription drug abuse. For more information you can call the San Diego County Rx Drug Abuse Task Force Hotline at 877-662-6384, or for other locations visit the DEA NTBI site search page.


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Sheriff’s Department Runs DUI Checkpoint in Santee

In an effort to cut down on the number of drunk driving accidents, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department conducted a DUI checkpoint on westbound Mission Gorge Road between SR-125 and SR-52 on Friday night. I was on the way to the freeway, and got caught up in the traffic. At first I was, admittedly, frustrated about getting stuck – especially after I sat through three signal changes at the 125/Mission Gorge intersection without moving. But I realized that this action, as inconvenient as it might feel for some people, is a way to get a few dangerous drivers off the road – and possibly deter some people from driving drunk in the future.

The deputies had blocked off all but the far right lane on westbound Mission Gorge, and about a half dozen were stationed along the driver’s side of the lane. A group of cars would be allowed into the checkpoint and the deputies would get to work. These officers were very professional and polite, asking to see driver’s license, registration, and insurance at each car. You have to admire them for being able to deal with the variety of responses they must get – from polite to downright belligerent, I’m sure.

I’m going to take the opportunity to urge everyone to make a commitment not only to NOT drink and drive, but to help keep others from driving under the influence. Take the keys, volunteer to be designated driver, and please don’t allow or help underage drivers to drink. We have lost too many young people recently to drunk driving accidents.

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Public Servants Serve…Breakfast, That Is

On Friday and Saturday, November 6 & 7, the Santee Firefighters and the San Diego Sheriff’s Deputies (Santee Substation) joined together to put on the annual Santee Pancake Breakfast supporting needy local families. As in the past, Fire Station 4 on Cottonwood Ave. was the site for the two-day gastronomic gathering. Deputies served up the food as firefighters flipped sausages on a nearby grill. Coffee was provided by the great folks at Coffee Brake, and several other local businesses helped sponsor the event.

I was not able to make the Friday fest, but Saturday was quite busy while I was there. I wish I could tell you how good the food was, but because of a grand opening the same morning I didn’t have time. But the people there certainly seemed to be enjoying their meals, and you know firefighters love their food. If you missed this year, you can wait until next November, or you can contact Barbara Wallace at the Santee Sheriff’s Station (619-956-4000) to find out how you can still help out families this year.

To Protect and Serve – Your Breakfast


Firefighters Fire Up Pancakes

Coffee from Coffee Brake

Lined Up for Breakfast


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Time Again for Annual Santee Pancake Breakfast

Santee Pancake Breakfast

Once again the Santee Firefighters and the San Diego Sheriff’s Department are sponsoring the annual Santee Pancake Breakfast to benefit needy local families. This coming Friday and Saturday, November 6 & 7, you can join our local safety providers and community members at Fire Station 4, at 8950 Cottonwood Ave. For just $4 ($3 for anyone 10 and under or 65 and over) you can enjoy pancakes, eggs, sausage, coffee, and juice between 7:00 and 10:30 am and help those people less fortunate.

For more details: 11th Annual Santee Pancake Breakfast


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