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Santee Businesses on 10News A-List

It is time again to vote for the top businesses in San Diego on the 10News A-List. This year there are over three dozen Santee area businesses on the list in a wide variety of categories. In some categories there are two local businesses to choose from, but it is set up so you can vote for a business in a different category than it is listed in. However, and this is important, once you have voted in a category you cannot vote in it again – at least not under the same account. My suggestion is that you review all of the businesses in the category before you vote. That way, if you have two favorites and one can also fit in another category, you can vote that one in the separate category first, then your choice for the listed category. Confusing? Only a little.  (For example, both The Coffee Corner and Frubble are listed in Best Coffee Shop, but Frubble is not listed in Best Tea House, although that is the category it won last year. Solution, vote for Frubble for Best Tea House first, then go back and vote for The Coffee Corner for Best Coffee Shop.)

Below is a list of all the Santee area business I could find in the 10News A-List competition, along with a direct link to the business. If you find others, feel free to leave a message and I will try to update.

10 News A-List


Best Day Spa:

Simply Spa (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/simply-spa/biz/147008?for=beauty%2fday-spa)

Best Hair Color:

hautePINKstudio (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/hautepinkstudio/biz/110037?for=beauty%2fhair-color)

Best Manicure and Pedicure:

Lux Nails (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/lux-nail/biz/616574?for=beauty%2fmanicure-and-pedicure)

Best Massage:

Estasi Massage Therapy (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/estasi-massage-therapy/biz/62100?for=beauty%2fmassage)

Best Medical Spa:

Riverview MD Spa (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/riverview-md-spa/biz/118901?for=beauty%2fmedical-spa)

Best Tanning:

Hollywood Tans (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/hollywood-tans/biz/115197?for=beauty%2ftanning)

Best Waxing:

Skyn (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/skyn/biz/120696?for=beauty%2fwaxing)

Cheap Eats

Best Sandwich:

Sandwich Bags (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/the-sandwich-bags/biz/57694)

Best Breakfast:

Jimmy’s Family Restaurant (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/jimmy-s-family-restaurant/biz/616578?for=cheap-eats%2fbreakfast)

Omelette Factory (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/omelette-factory/biz/53970?for=cheap-eats%2fbreakfast)

Best Burger:

Annie’s Fine Burger (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/annies-fine-burger/biz/615888?for=cheap-eats%2fburger)


Best Children’s Clothing:

Bears, Buddies, & Toys (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/bears-buddies-and-toys/biz/369458?for=fashion%2fchildren-s-clothing)

Great Eats

Best Mexican:

Margaritas Fine Mexican Food (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/margaritas-fine-mexican-food/biz/616585?for=great-meals%2fmexican)

Best New American:

Michael’s Grill (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/michael-s-grill/biz/59310?for=great-meals%2fnew-american)

Best Steakhouse:

Pinnacle Peak (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/pinnacle-peak-steakhouse/biz/56553?for=great-meals%2fsteakhouse)


Domo Sushi (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/domo-sushi/biz/162693?for=great-meals%2fsushi)

Health & Fitness

Best Golf Course:

Carlton Oaks (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/carlton-oaks/biz/136554?for=health-and-fitness%2fgolf-course)

Best Martial Arts:

Infinity Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/infinity-brazilian-jiu-jitsu/biz/574374?for=health-and-fitness%2fmartial-arts)

Schu-Fu International Martial Arts (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/schu-fu-international-martial-arts/biz/57502?for=health-and-fitness%2fmartial-arts)


Best Live Music:

Second Wind (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/second-wind/biz/60287?for=nightlife%2flive-music-venue)

Best Sports Bar:

Oaks Bar & Grill (Carlton Oaks CC) (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/oaks-bar-and-grill/biz/570414?for=nightlife%2fsports-bar)


Best Boarding:

Furry Friends Resort (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/furry-friends-resort/biz/480074?for=pets%2fboarding)

Best Grooming:

Aloha Grooming (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/aloha-pet-grooming/biz/616272?for=pets%2fgrooming)


Best Arts & Crafts:

Pause and Play Beads (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/pause-and-play-beads/biz/582832?for=shopping%2farts-and-crafts)

Scrappin’ Attack (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/scrappin-attack/biz/57899?for=shopping%2farts-and-crafts)

Best Baby Boutique:

Sophie Crew Photography (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/sophie-crew-photography/biz/570032?for=shopping%2fbaby-boutique)

Best Furniture:

Purewood Unfinished Furniture (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/purewood-unfinished-furniture/biz/616665?for=shopping%2ffurniture)

Specialty Food

Best Bakery:

Baklava King LLC (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/baklava-king-llc/biz/133922?for=specialty-food-and-drink%2fbakery)

Eccentric International Chefs (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/eccentric-international-chefs/biz/61298?for=specialty-food-and-drink%2fbakery)

Best Coffee Shop:

Frubble (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/frubble/biz/285294?for=specialty-food-and-drink%2fcoffee-shop)

The Coffee Corner (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/the-coffee-corner/biz/572672?for=specialty-food-and-drink%2fcoffee-shop)


Best Catering:

Da Kine’s Hawaiian Catering (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/da-kine-s-hawaiian-caterings/biz/302488?for=weddings%2fcaterer)

Best DJ:

Magic Mike’s DJ Services (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/magic-mike-s-dj-services/biz/432972?for=weddings%2fdj),

Sunset Sound Productions (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/sunset-sound-productions/biz/56619?for=weddings%2fdj)

The Creative Music DJ (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/the-creative-music-dj/biz/286774) (FYI, Dennis DJDennis Jones is a Santee resident but uses a San Diego business address)

Best Invitations:

Durante’s Calligraphy Styles (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/durante-s-calligraphy-styles/biz/158487?for=weddings%2finvitations)

Photo Flair Designs (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/photo-flair-designs/biz/370926?for=weddings%2finvitations)

Best Photographer:

Cosmic Frogs Photography (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/cosmic-frogs-photography/biz/587938?for=weddings%2fphotographer),

Hugo Benson Photography (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/hugo-benson-photography/biz/122741?for=weddings%2fphotographer)

Best Wedding Planner:

Busy Bride Consulting (http://kgtv.cityvoter.com/busy-bride-consulting/biz/61810?for=weddings%2fwedding-planner)


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Santee Eateries Make the A-List

Santee A-List Restaurants

Two local restaurants have made it to the top of the Channel 10 A-List this year. Long-time Santee restaurant Michael’s Grill was named Best New American Restaurant, beating out establishments from Hillcrest, the Gaslamp, Del Mar, and North Park. A relative newcomer, Frubble, took top honors in the Tea House category. Even though it is only a couple years old, it beat out some very well known tea houses in San Diego, Mission Hills, and La Mesa.

In addition, one of the newest hot spots, The Coffee Corner, took second place in Best Coffee Shop behind 2 Spoons Coffee in Carlsbad. The Coffee Corner has been in the same location for many years, but is under new ownership that is making major changes. Look for a story on the shop soon.

Michael’s Grill is located at 9621 Mission Gorge Rd, Santee, CA. (619) 258-2110

Frubble is at 9628 Carlton Hills Blvd, Santee, CA. (619) 270-1230

The Coffee Corner is at 9608 Carlton Hills Blvd, Santee, CA. (619) 663-0114

(Frubble and The Coffee Corner are both located in the Pathways Community Church Center at the corner of Mast Blvd. and Carlton Hills Blvd.)

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Santee Businesses Compete on 10News A-List

Once again this year 10News is running its annual A-List competition. Viewers and others are able to go online and vote for their favorites in a variety of categories. This year several Santee businesses are included in these lists. Let’s see if we can help get as many of them to the top as we can. The voting continues through Friday, September 3. I am including links for all of the businesses listed below, but this may not be all of them. Unfortunately the A-List is not as easy to navigate as the SignOnSanDiego Best of San Diego competition. Maybe next year they will adjust it a bit.

10News A-List

Tea House: Frubble

Coffee Shop: The Coffee Corner

DJ: Creative Music DJs

Bakery: Eccentric International Chefs

Medical Spa: RiverView MD Spa

Day Spa: Simply Spa

Hair Salon: hautePINKstudio

Massage: Estasi Massage Therapy

Tanning Salon: Hollywood Tan

New American Restaurant: Michael’s Grill

Sandwich Shop: The Sandwich Bags

Steakhouse: Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse

Sushi: Domo Sushi

Breakfast: Omelette Factory

If you come across any other Santee businesses on the A-List competition, feel free to post it. Remember you have through September 3 to vote.

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