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Fox’s Pizza Den to Hold Third Fundraiser

Fox’s Pizza Den will hold their third pizza fundraiser of the 2011-2012 school year for Chet F. Harritt School on Thursday, March 29. The restaurant will donate 20% of net sales from all purchases to the school. This applies to both dine-in and take-out orders. If you want to call in your order to 619-749-4165, just be sure to tell them you heard about the fundraiser and want to do your part to help. So far Fox’s Pizza Den has donated about $600 this year alone.

In their first pizza fundraiser Fox’s was able to donate over $200 to help the school with those little extras that always seem to come up. While that may not sound like a lot of money, when you consider the average order you see that quite a few pizzas were sold just on that one day.

More than just helping the school, by taking part in this fundraiser you will be helping a local business stay in business during these tough times. Over the past year Santee has lost several restaurants, and while a few new ones have opened – or will soon – it is important to keep the ones that are already here. Every small business means a few more people employed, a few more dollars moving through the community and one less empty store front along the road.

So once again, “Thank You” to Fox’s Pizza Den for being a great member of the Santee community, and “Thank You” to all who participate in this fundraiser.


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Fox’s Pizza Den Fundraiser Results

The numbers are in on Fox’s Pizza Den’s fundraiser for Chet F. Harritt School on Wednesday, February 9. Thanks to all of the families, couples, and individuals who came in for lunch and dinner, Fox’s was able to donate $213 to the school to use as they need. Now $213 may not sound like a lot, but if you figure an average order of say $20-$25, that turns out to be quite a few pizzas.

I stopped by Fox’s around dinner time and they were quite busy. The dining area was nearly full and there were families waiting for take-out orders. It’s always good to see a local business so busy, especially when they are helping local schools. But more than this, with the economy still moving slowly it’s important to support those businesses so that they will be around for the long haul.

So a big “Thank You” to Fox’s Pizza Den for supporting Santee Schools. And another “Thank You” to everyone who came out to help by ordering.

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Pizza a “Foxy” Way to Help Chet F. Harritt School

If you like pizza and you support Santee Schools, then Wednesday is your day. Fox’s Pizza Den at 8011 Mission Gorge Rd. is having a fundraiser for their partner Chet F. Harritt School from noon until they close. Fox’s will donate 20% of all proceeds from both dine-in and take-out orders to support the school. If you want to call in your order to 619-749-4165, just be sure to tell them you heard about the fundraiser and want to do your part to help.

With the still-struggling economy and lower home values, money is tight all around – especially for schools. Chet F. Harritt School does a wonderful job with the resources they get but any extra always helps. Plus you will also be helping one of our local restaurants that has been around for many years. Just since January 1 we have lost at least three area eateries and we don’t want any more to go the way of La Salsa, Cold Stone, and Panda Garden. So come on out on Wednesday, February 9, and help out the community.


Thanks to Joe at Fox’s Pizza Den for correcting the originally incorrect phone number.

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Frubble to Hold Fundraiser for New Stage

Frubble, the hot Santee eatery that just made the 10News A-List for best tea house (think Thai tea with boba), is having a special fundraising event on Saturday for a special cause – the community. Mark and Caroline Baker, owners of Frubble, opened the restaurant two years ago in part to provide a safe place for Santee kids to hang out. They have three computers, free wi-fi, good food, and plenty of comfy couches and chairs to crash in. In the past they have held an After-Prom night to give seniors a fun, alcohol-free party for after the prom, and Frubble is possibly the only all-ages music venue in East County.

Over the two years, Frubble has hosted over 40 local and regional acts for free concerts, but one thing has been sorely lacking – an actual stage for performances. In order to rectify this problem, the Bakers are holding a special fundraising day on Saturday, January 15, with all proceeds going toward building the stage. Mark and Caroline have worked hard to make Frubble a special place in Santee and a safe haven for kids, and they deserve all the support they can get. If you have never been to Frubble, consider this the perfect time to check them out. Order a frubble and a wrap with homemade chips and you’ll be glad you did (my favorite combination is a large peach frubble and a tuna wrap). You can also donate directly to the stage fund. Frubble is located in the Pathways Community Church center at the intersection of Mast Blvd. and Carlton Hills Blvd. You can also visit them on the web at http://www.frubble.com/.

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Frubble Fundraiser to Help Mobile Home Residents

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Frubble Fundraiser to Help Mobile Home Residents

This Saturday, August 14, Frubble (one of my favorite hangouts in Santee) will be hosting a special “Swing – Sing – Fling” fundraiser to help the residents of the Mission Valley Village mobile home park. In 2007 the residents, primarily seniors, learned that the park had been sold to a developer and in 2008 the San Diego City Council approved plans for a 445-unit housing complex. Since then they have been dealing with broken and delayed promises of aid in moving to other mobile home parks, denial from some parks because of the age of most of their mobile homes, and a steady deterioration of their park. In an in-depth article on their situation, Mission Times Courier editor Jeff Barnes explains the full situation and the difficulties these residents continue to face – I recommend reading it to get the full story.

Frubble owners Mark and Caroline Baker offered to help the residents by holding the fundraiser at the restaurant. The fun begins at 4:00 pm with keyboard and vocal music, followed by karaoke at 6:00 pm and live music from 8:00 pm to midnight. Admission is free and the Bakers are donating 20% of all proceeds to the fundraiser. There will also be a raffle for a laptop computer and perhaps other goodies yet to be donated. If you have anything you would like to donate, contact Mark and Caroline at 619-270-1230 or visit Frubble online. If you haven’t been to Frubble before, this is a great time to go and do something good at the same time. They are located in the Pathways Community Church center at Mast Blvd. and Carlton Hills Blvd.

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