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Welcome to Scouting Santee

Welcome to Scouting Santee – a blog about what’s happening in Santee, California.  The plan for this blog is to keep you up-to-date on the latest events, openings, and all else going on in this lovely city in eastern San Diego County.  We’ll start out with a little background on the area…

The community of Santee began it’s life in the late 1800s when George Cowles bought 4,000 acres in a valley area east of San Diego.  The town was first knows as “Cowleston,” and might have remained known by that name, except that Cowles died in 1887 and his widow married realtor and surveyor Milton Santee in 1890.  The next year Jennie Cowles Santee began operating the post office under the Santee name, and in 1893 the town offically changed its name to Santee.

The town grew very slowly, numbering only about 2,000 as recently as 1950.  Then a relative boom took place, raising the population to over 25,000 in 1970.  A Citizen’s Planning Committee was established in 1968 and the process of creating a Santee Community Plan began.  A final plan was approved in 1974, but the first attempt at incorporation was voted down in 1976.  A second attempt in December, 1980, was successful, and the City of Santee was born.

In the ensuing 27 years the city has made great strides.  It has developed a first-class center city retail area and is linked to San Diego by the Green Line of the San Diego Trolley.  As with any city, there have been growing pains, and traffic is a problem along the main routes of Mast Boulevard and Mission Gorge Road.  But ongoing work on a freeway connector should solve some of the congestion by 2010.

For more information on Santee, check out the city’s website, particularly the About Santee page.


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