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SR-52 Update – September to November

I have been remiss on updating the work along SR-52, so I suppose it is about time to post again.  For various reasons I did not get many pictures during October, but I do have several from September and November.  So, without further delay, continuing work on SR-52.

September 29, 2008

View from the hills south of SR-52 along SR-125

SR-52 on 9/29/08

SR-52 bridge over Fanita Drive

SR-52 over Fanita Drive

There are still some inconveniences – Construction at the end of Granite House Road

Granite House Road

Framing for bridge support at Cuyamaca Street

Bridge Support at Cuyamaca Street

September 30, 2008

Work continues on the future SR-52/SR-67 Interchange

SR-52/SR-67 Interchange

Cut for future bridge and reinforcing for bridge support

Future Bridge at SR-67

Drilling footings for another bridge at SR-67

Drilling Footings

October 14, 2008

A fire caused by a welder’s torch damaged the forms for the Cuyamaca Street bridge

Fire-Damaged Bridge Forms

November 18, 2008

I came across this work one day and fortunately had my camera with me as I drove south on SR-125.  The supports for one of the bridges across SR-125 was in the process of being removed, and there had been a traffic backup as they moved some of the material.

Removing Supports at SR-125

Close up of support removal

Close Up

November 30, 2008

Finishing work on west support at Cuyamaca Street

Finishing Cuyamaca Bridge Support

North end of Cuyamaca Street bridge support

Cuyamaca Street Support

This brings us up to date as far as pictures that I have.  Stay tuned for future updates.


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