New Review for Mast Park Plans

The City of Santee has announced a third public review of the proposed Master Plan for Mast Park. This public comment session will be on the preferred design alternative from Schmidt Design Group. The public workshop will take place on Thursday, October 6, beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Santee City Hall Complex, Building 7, 10601 Magnolia Ave.

Mast Park is the largest and oldest of Santee’s city parks, and the design and review process has been ongoing since early summer. The goal is to allow as much community input as possible to make help guide the future for this great resource. So far the community workshops have provided a number of ideas that Schmidt Design Group has incorporated into the current plan. One major area of focus has been on health and wellness, and part of the funding for the project is coming from a San Diego County Association of Governments (SANDAG) Healthy Communities Planning Grant. The grant itself is part of a county effort to address the nationwide obesity “epidemic.”

As it now stands, the plan addresses several important areas that community members insisted the designers include:

  • Keeping the park’s “natural, rustic character”
  • Providing additional picnic shelters for large groups and new picnic pavillions
  • Replacing the restroom facilities with newer, more efficient facilities
  • Dividing the current 2.4 acre off-leash dog park into separate large and small dog areas
  • Create an area for fitness equipment and a one-mile trail loop for hiking/walking
  • Provide an additional 60 parking spaces

The city would like to have everything in place to make a final decision either late this year or early next year.

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One response to “New Review for Mast Park Plans

  1. Tracy Tree

    We don’t want Santee Dog Parks divided into big and little dogs. Our dogs do just fine playing with all dogs sizes and shapes. Please don’t ruin our dog parks. Talk to anyone that uses the park…and there are a lot of us…we like our off-leash dog parks just one big fenced in park. And Mast is the best. There is no grass to worry about and no mud for the dogs to get filthy in.

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