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Santee City Council Candidate – Shari Groce


Shari L Groce - Candidate for Santee City Council


This is the email interview with city council candidate Shari Groce.

Scouting Santee: What is your current position?

Shari Groce: I am currently employed as an Aerospace Engineer for a major defense company.  I am a lead with twelve (12) engineers working for me.

Scouting Santee: Why did you decide to run for Santee City Council?

Shari Groce: With 2 open seats on the Santee City Council I want to ensure that Santee continues in the current fiscally responsible direction.

Scouting Santee: What is it about your background that prepares you to be a member of the city council?

Shari Groce: I have worked for over 20 years in the defense industry with increasing responsibility that has included managing multi-million dollar contracts and budgets, overseeing subcontractors, leading groups of engineers to complete projects.  All of the projects that I have managed have come in under budget and on time.

Scouting Santee: What have you done to further prepare yourself for being a councilmember?

Shari Groce: I have been active with youth sports, Boy Scouts, Santee’s COMPOC committee and various other community activities, so I have experienced first hand and have listened to what the residents of Santee want and need in our community

Scouting Santee: What is it that distinguishes you from the other candidates?

Shari Groce: I am the average person in Santee and will bring the perspective of a long time resident, 22 years, who has worked at a regular full time job and raised my family in Santee.

Scouting Santee: What do you consider the top three challenges facing Santee over the next four years?

Shari Groce: The budget problems in Sacramento are putting our local communities at risk by diverting local money back to Sacramento.  Sacramento has caused some of our neighboring communities to vote in sales tax increases to balance their budgets.  With my vote, I will help to manage Santee’s budget to preclude a sales tax increase for our city.  Our small businesses have enough difficulties operating with the federal and state taxes and regulations that a local sales tax increase could cause some of them to close their doors and we cannot afford to lose those jobs.

Scouting Santee: What do you consider the top successes in Santee over the past few years?

Shari Groce: It is difficult to list all of Santee’s successes over the past few years; however, the top success has been the ability of the city council to live within its means by keeping the budget balanced without raising taxes.  The new parks and expansions at the existing parks, Town Center, maintenance of our streets and street lights, these are all successes that every Santee resident can be proud of.

Scouting Santee: If you are elected, what are your top three goals?

Shari Groce:

1. Ensure that Santee’s budget stays within the revenues that are currently generated.

2. Keep taxes and fees low – not initiating any new taxes or fees will help our small businesses grow.

3. Keep regulations on businesses at a minimum – the federal and state governments already over burden our small businesses. We as local elected officials need to get out of the way so they can grow and provide jobs

Scouting Santee: What else would you like people to know about you?

Shari Groce: My husband, Jim, and I have been married for 29 years.  We have two grown and married sons.  Our oldest son and his wife live in Santee while our youngest son joined the USAF.  He and his family reside at Mountain Home AFB; however, he is currently deployed to Iraq so his wife and son are back in East County until his return next spring.

For more information about Shari Groce, you can visit her website.

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