Santee Car Show Revs Up for Saturday

How do you follow up a wildly successful street fair? If you’re Santee you put together what promises to be an equally successful car show. The first annual Santee Car Show will take place on Saturday, October 9, along Riverview Parkway, the same site as the Santee Street Fair. The show will feature over 200 classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles, vendors, food booths, music, and a wine and beer garden. The fun starts at 9:00 am and continues until 5:00 pm and admission is free.

The Santee Chamber of Commerce has worked hard to bring together a great lineup for the day. Local band Ramshackle will lead off the musical entertainment, followed by headliners The Corvettes. As an added treat, the Fabulous World-Famous Corvette Diner Dancers will be on hand to perform some of their own creative routines. The Car Show will also feature special guest MC Clint August of 101KGB’s “BC and Clint” afternoon drive-time show.

Along with a showcase for cool cars and great businesses, the Car Show is a fundraiser for two important organizations: Santee Santas and the Santee Food Bank. Santee Santas is a community support group that provides food and toys to needy Santee families at the holidays. They also have an emergency fund program and a senior outreach program for seniors who are alone or in nursing homes. The Santee Food Bank provides non-perishable food for needy families in the community. Representatives of both groups will be accepting donations of food and money during the event.

If you enjoy hot cars, cool music, and fun, be sure to check out the Santee Car Show this Saturday. For more information, check out the Santee Car Show website.


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2 responses to “Santee Car Show Revs Up for Saturday

  1. Ron Johnson

    how come no mention of the band Fosiil Fuel anywhere. This is isnt right,at least a mention on the radio & web ads would be nice. I dont uderstand if the event is making $$$$$ ALL the entertainment should get something. I think the Chamber of Commerce is taking advantage of musicians who need to recover expenses ie; fuel & wear & tear on instruments

  2. Scouting Santee

    Ron. First, my apology for not finding out the name of the other band or bands playing. My understanding is that all of the bands are being paid for their time unless they voluntarily donated their efforts. I do know that 4 Lads from Liverpool is taking a huge cut in their regular fee to play. As for the money that is being raised, all of the funds raised by the event itself (as opposed to groups, organizations and businesses with booths) goes to the Santee Santas and Santee Food Bank. So it is not a if the Chamber of Commerce and city are getting rich – in fact both the Chamber and the city put up a great deal of money to make this happen.

    Finally, if you were going on the details in this post, please realize that it was for the 2010 Car Show.

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