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The Idiocy of Spammers

As a blogger I occasionally find people posting “comments” on my articles that are nothing more than an attempt to fool others into clicking on their link. I find these people both ignorant and annoying, but fortunately the spam tool in the system catches them before any of you have to see the comments. In fact it does such a good job that there have been a few instances where I have had to “rescue” a legitimate comment from the Spam folder. But back to these idiots. If you are going to try to fool people into clicking on a link in a comment you post, wouldn’t it be wise to at least read the article first to see if you can say ANYTHING appropriate? Some of them try to get around it by making very generic comments such as “I like your post,” or “I really agree with what you said.” Well, I’m glad if you like my post or if you agree with me, but that doesn’t meant I’m going to let you leave a link to some low-life site that will try to sell some garbage or hijack visitors’ computers. It just doesn’t work that way here.

Now I know that this isn’t going to change an Spammers out there – they are just low-life idiots who only care about themselves. It’s just that sometimes we writers feel the need to fight back/share our frustrations/call out the idiots.

Next time: real Santee news.

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