Dutch Invade Santee

It was an invasion of Oranje proportions on Sunday, July 11, as fans of the Netherlands descended on Carlton Oaks Country Club to root for their team in the 2010 World Cup championship game. Local business owners Thomas and Caroline (VanderWel) Hootman welcomed the small but enthusiastic crowd to the newly renovated Oaks Bar and Grill, which was suitably decked out with orange tablecloths and decorations. In an effort to counter the prediction of a Spanish victory by Paul the prognosticating mollusk, the couple even brought octopus salad for everyone to share. Sadly the sushi sacrifice was ineffective and Spain did go on to win in overtime. But in spite of the disappointing conclusion to the game everyone enjoyed the chance to get together and cheer for the Oranje.

Caroline, a native of the Netherlands, wore orange for her team, as did nearly everyone else who attended. However her sartorial enthusiasm for the Dutch was eclipsed by her husband who threw himself completely into the colorful theme from head to toe. For more on the game and the day, check out the story on Santee Examiner.

Enjoy a few more pictures from the day.

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  1. Shers Gallagher

    Helaas, pinderkaas!

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