Street Fair Returns Bigger and Better

The Santee Street Fair is back for its second year, and it will be bigger and better than before.  The fun officially begins Saturday, May 29, at 10:00, and vendors will be completing their setups before then.  Last year the Boy Scouts had a pancake breakfast for vendors and early arrivals, and they went through three runs of supplies.  In fact, all of the local food providers underestimated the turnout and had to resupply multiple times.  This year all of the vendors and food booths will be ready for the huge crowd expected – at least 35,000 over the 9 hours of the Fair.  The Street Fair has expanded to include more space, more booths, more food, and more entertainment.  Also this year the Beer Garden will become a Beer and Wine Garden (still adults only, of course).

This year the entertainment includes three stages, a community stage, the Main Stage, and this year the addition of music at the Trolley Center Amphitheater.  On the Main Stage the lineup kicks off with Lindsay Spurlock at 10:00 am, followed by The Corvettes, Outta-Sync, and Rockola.  The Amphitheater will feature Blues 1-4-5 and Ramshackle.  For more details on the music, check the Street Fair List of Bands.

For a review of last year’s Street Fair, click here.

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