Local Sports Clips to Help with Oil Cleanup

The Santee Sports Clips is joining the other 600+ franchises around the country in an effort to help with the cleanup from the BP oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  It turns out that human hair is an excellent material for soaking up the oil that is threatening the Gulf Coast.  Hair is stuffed into nylon stockings and made into protective booms to place along the coastline.  Terry Klinker, who runs the local franchise, explains that his shop collects about two pounds of hair each day from the men and boys who stop in for a trim at the sports-themed hair care location.  All of the participating Sports Clips will be boxing up their trimmings and sending them to an organization called Matter of Trust, which is putting together the protective mats and booms.

Just a thought – what if all of the local hair care shops got together and collected their trimmings, then sent them over to Sports Clips for packaging and shipping?  I know that they are all in competition for customers, but a little bit of collective effort could benefit everyone, not to mention the Gulf Coast environment.  If you have a local salon or know someone who owns one, why not toss this idea around.  You can respond here if you are interested and I will contact Terry about it.

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