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Street Fair Returns Bigger and Better

The Santee Street Fair is back for its second year, and it will be bigger and better than before.  The fun officially begins Saturday, May 29, at 10:00, and vendors will be completing their setups before then.  Last year the Boy Scouts had a pancake breakfast for vendors and early arrivals, and they went through three runs of supplies.  In fact, all of the local food providers underestimated the turnout and had to resupply multiple times.  This year all of the vendors and food booths will be ready for the huge crowd expected – at least 35,000 over the 9 hours of the Fair.  The Street Fair has expanded to include more space, more booths, more food, and more entertainment.  Also this year the Beer Garden will become a Beer and Wine Garden (still adults only, of course).

This year the entertainment includes three stages, a community stage, the Main Stage, and this year the addition of music at the Trolley Center Amphitheater.  On the Main Stage the lineup kicks off with Lindsay Spurlock at 10:00 am, followed by The Corvettes, Outta-Sync, and Rockola.  The Amphitheater will feature Blues 1-4-5 and Ramshackle.  For more details on the music, check the Street Fair List of Bands.

For a review of last year’s Street Fair, click here.

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Catfish Season Opens at Santee Lakes

Over 200 anglers, young and old, headed out to Santee Lakes on Saturday, April 17, for the opening of catfish season, making this the biggest catfish opening day ever.  Padre Dam had 2,000 pounds of catfish planted in Lakes 3 and 4, with more to come.  In fact, a total of 25,000 pounds of catfish is scheduled to be planted between mid-April and season’s end in October.  A number of those catfish are specially tagged and good for prizes, including cash, fishing tackle, and free fishing passes.  This year the Catfish Roundup is sponsored by Barona Resort and Casino.  Below are a few pictures from opening day.

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Local Sports Clips to Help with Oil Cleanup

The Santee Sports Clips is joining the other 600+ franchises around the country in an effort to help with the cleanup from the BP oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  It turns out that human hair is an excellent material for soaking up the oil that is threatening the Gulf Coast.  Hair is stuffed into nylon stockings and made into protective booms to place along the coastline.  Terry Klinker, who runs the local franchise, explains that his shop collects about two pounds of hair each day from the men and boys who stop in for a trim at the sports-themed hair care location.  All of the participating Sports Clips will be boxing up their trimmings and sending them to an organization called Matter of Trust, which is putting together the protective mats and booms.

Just a thought – what if all of the local hair care shops got together and collected their trimmings, then sent them over to Sports Clips for packaging and shipping?  I know that they are all in competition for customers, but a little bit of collective effort could benefit everyone, not to mention the Gulf Coast environment.  If you have a local salon or know someone who owns one, why not toss this idea around.  You can respond here if you are interested and I will contact Terry about it.

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Someone’s Knocking at My Door…It Might Be the Census

In 1787 the Constitution of the United States was adopted by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia and ratifited by the states.  In Article 1 the Constitution sets out the parameters for the Legislative Branch, including the qualifications for election and the method for apportioning members of the House of Representatives.  For readers not up on their Constitutional history, seats in the House are allotted according to population.  So how does the government do this?  By conducting a census every 10 years, as mandated in the Constitution.  Since 1790 there have been 23 of these counts, including this year’s census, and the uses of the information have grown to include drawing political boundaries and deciding how much tax money is handed out to cities and states.  Today the Census Bureau sends out a questionnaire in March for people to fill out and return based on their home situation on April 1.  The problem is that not everyone sends back those questionnaires.

Beginning this Saturday, May 1, the Census Bureau will be sending enumerators (counters) out to knock on the doors of those who did not fill out and send in their questionnaire.  These people have been through hours of training in order to do their job, and they will be working to complete their assignments quickly and accurately.  The questions they are asking are the same as those in the mail questionnaire, and all answers are strictly confidential.  All of these enumerators are sworn to protect the information they collect, and they take their duties seriously.  So if they happen to knock on your door, please take the 10-15 minutes it will take so that everyone can be counted.  And if you are not comfortable talking with them, you can call the Census Bureau to verify that the person is an actual enumerator.

Just one caution – there have been reports of people claiming to be census workers going door-to-door asking people for their Social Security Number, bank account, credit card, and other sensitive information.  Actual census workers will never ask for any of this.  They are only interested in how many people live there, some basic data about these people, and whether you own or rent.  If anyone comes to your home asking for sensitive financial information, do not give it to them.  Contact the authorities immediately and give them as much detail as you can.

Check out more information on the 2010 Census.

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