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Introducing the “Santee Examiner”

Okay, I’m the Santee Examiner.  It’s a new writing gig I picked up recently with Examiner.com, a website that bills itself as the “Insider Source for Everything Local.”  If you haven’t checked out the site, take a look.  You can find short posts about all sorts of topics from many different places.  And when I say “all sorts of topics,” I mean that.  You can find Examiners (local experts) on everything from headlines and sports to budget fashion and tea.  Long-time readers of this blog may recognize some of the article I will be posting, but the focus of the Santee Examiner will really be things to do, places to go, and other assorted tidbits about Santee.  So if you have an idea for something I should write about as the Santee Examiner – or even here on Scouting Santee – just send me a message or email me at recoveringteacher@gmail.com.

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