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Primas “Scream” into Santee Summer Concert

Screamin' Primas in Action

The latest group to perform at the Santee Summer Concert Series was another tribute group, the Screamin’ Primas.  The group brought its salute to the musical legend, Louis Prima, to the Trolley Square amphitheater last Thursday, July 30.  It was an evening of jumpin’ and jivin’ to a mixture of big band, jazz, and Dixieland, including such classics as “Jump, Jive and Wail!” “Angelina – Zooma Zooma,” and “Mambo Italiano.”

Lynette and Guy Gonzales – Lead Vocals

Guy & Lynette

The Screamin’ Primas include husband and wife leads Guy and Lynette Gonzales, and a wailing brass section featuring Kevin Esposito on trombone, Mark Lessman on saxophone, and Steve Ebner on trumpet.  Backing them up and laying down the beat are Tom Stilman on drums, Bill Shreeve on keyboard, and Roger Daschle on upright bass.  Together they bring back that signature sound of the Prima era.

Dancing to the Screamin' Primas

The crowd, though not as large as for Cash’d Out, was just as enthusiastic, if not more so.  The “Primas” had them literally dancing in the aisles – and the stairs, when Guy Gonzales and the brass section did a “walk around” during the group’s performance of “When the Saints Go Marching In.”  It was a great evening of music presented by a wonderful group dedicated to bringing the music of Louis Prima to a new generation.

(L-R) Mark Lessman, Roger Daschle, Kevin Esposito, and Steve Ebner

Brass and Bass

Bill Shreeve and Tom Stilman

Bill Shreeve & Tom Stilman

The “Walk About”

The "Walk About"

This week Emerald River brings Country back to the Trolley Square amphitheater, starting at 6:30 pm on Thursday, August 6.


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