Summer Concerts – A Small Problem

In Consideration of Others

Two Thursdays ago, when Cash’d Out played at the Trolley Center amphitheater, there was a problem of people setting out blankets to “save” spots, then going off and doing whatever they felt like.  This was a bigger problem at this concert than at previous concerts, because of the sizable crowd.  At the top of each of the stairways is a sign which asks concertgoers to refrain from certain actions “In consideration of others.”  The first of these is “Blankets Spread out to Save Places,” which is only polite.  If you are going to set out a blanket, then at least leave one person from your group there to save the place.  I saw a number of people who were trying to find a spot to sit, only to come across empty blanket spread out  to take up space.  Today I’m only going to show a couple of the “offending” blankets, but if this seems to be a continuing problem I might consider showing the people as well.  So let’s try to think of others, please.



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