Sonic vs In-N-Out – The Results Are In

All-American Burger Challenge

Yes, the official results are in on for the Pathways All-American Burger Challenge.  Remember, last Thursday about four dozen high school students and chaperones visited both Sonic and In-N-Out to compare not only the burgers but multiple elements of the experience. 

Each participant had an evaluation sheet with such categories as taste, presentation, “greasiness,” and more.  Over the last few days the numbers were totaled and each major category was given an average percent of total possible score.  So, without further ado, here are the final numbers (again, each score being a percent of the possible score).

BURGER:  Sonic 57%,  In-N-Out 89%
BEVERAGES: Sonic 86%, In-N-Out 85%
TOTS/FRIES: Sonic 77%, In-N-Out 86%
(atmosphere; food/drink; options): Sonic 73%, In-N-Out 86%

These results seem to match the numbers on my own little poll, where In-N-Out is currently in the lead.

Now, for a little more fun, let’s see what people think of all the quickie burger places.  Check out the poll below and share your opinion of the best burger place of all.  This only pertains to fast-food (i.e., places with drive through) burger joints, so if you choose “Other” please do not list a sit-down restaurant, no matter how good their burgers are.


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