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Sonic vs In-N-Out – The Results Are In

All-American Burger Challenge

Yes, the official results are in on for the Pathways All-American Burger Challenge.  Remember, last Thursday about four dozen high school students and chaperones visited both Sonic and In-N-Out to compare not only the burgers but multiple elements of the experience. 

Each participant had an evaluation sheet with such categories as taste, presentation, “greasiness,” and more.  Over the last few days the numbers were totaled and each major category was given an average percent of total possible score.  So, without further ado, here are the final numbers (again, each score being a percent of the possible score).

BURGER:  Sonic 57%,  In-N-Out 89%
BEVERAGES: Sonic 86%, In-N-Out 85%
TOTS/FRIES: Sonic 77%, In-N-Out 86%
(atmosphere; food/drink; options): Sonic 73%, In-N-Out 86%

These results seem to match the numbers on my own little poll, where In-N-Out is currently in the lead.

Now, for a little more fun, let’s see what people think of all the quickie burger places.  Check out the poll below and share your opinion of the best burger place of all.  This only pertains to fast-food (i.e., places with drive through) burger joints, so if you choose “Other” please do not list a sit-down restaurant, no matter how good their burgers are.


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Santee Lakes Named “Best Campground”

 Santee Lakes

The votes are in and Santee Lakes Regional Park and Campground has been named Best Campground in the 2009 San Diego’s Best contest through the San Diego Union Tribune.  Congratulations to Santee Lakes!

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Meet Miss Santee 2009

Sierra Billock and Nicole Ehlke

On March 6 Sierra Billock was crowned Miss Santee 2009.  Over the past few months she has been one of the most active Miss Santees I have met, not just appearing at local events, but helping to develop the idea of Fashion Rocks the East – a fund raiser for the Miss Santee and Miss La Mesa Pageants.  Recently I interviewed her about being Miss Santee and about the Fashion Rocks the East fund raiser.

Scouting Santee:Why did you want to become Miss Santee/Miss Santee Teen?
Sierra Billock:I really enjoy giving back to my community. The feeling you get from knowing that you made a difference is amazing. I knew that as Miss Santee I would have so many more opportunities to help those in need. Also, I really think our youth need good role models to look up to these days and I hoped that as Miss Santee I could accomplish that task. I really want to encourage everyone to always strive for the best and not get caught up in things that are detrimental to their success.
Scouting Santee:What is the most important part of being Miss Santee/Miss Santee Teen?
Sierra Billock: The most important part is the impact you can have on the people around you. People know who you are and it’s important that you set a good example for others. I also think its important that you make the most out of your year as a titleholder. I have a crazy schedule this year but I know that when I look back on my year as Miss Santee I will be glad to be able to look back on all the things I accomplished.
Scouting Santee: What has been your favorite experience so far?
Sierra Billock: So far I have probably enjoyed the Santee Summer Concerts the best. The concerts are every Thursday from 6:30-8. I really enjoy listening to the music but most of all I like dancing with all the young kids who attend the event. Seeing them so happy and excited to be with Nicole and I is really heartwarming. 
Scouting Santee:What advice would you give to any young women who might want to be Miss Santee/Miss Santee Teen?
Sierra Billock: DON’T GIVE UP! It took me a long time to win this title. I competed once for Miss Santee Teen and four times for Miss Santee before I finally won! Some people questioned why I continued to go back year after year. It’s because I am determined. I knew this was something I wanted to do and I knew I could make an impact. For me that was enough. It didn’t come easily to me but I think that has made me appreciate it that much more. So to any girls out there who are thinking about competing I say go for it! Don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of something you want to do.
Scouting Santee: What was the idea behind the Fashion Rocks the East fund raiser?
Sierra Billock: The idea is to involve past titleholders and contestants in a fun event to raise money for our scholarship fund. Every year many girls compete for the titles of Miss Santee, Miss Santee Teen, Miss La Mesa and Miss La Mesa Teen. However, with the current state of the economy it has been hard to get sponsors for these scholarships. Because fashion is a big interest of mine we decided to hold a fashion show to raise the funds.
Scouting Santee: Why is this fund raiser so important?
Sierra Billock: The young women who take on the titles for the year are very dedicated to the roles they play. These women put their a lot of time into helping out their city and surrounding cities for the year. Not just anyone can take on this title. It takes a smart, confident and determined young woman to do this job. These are women who also put school as a priority in life. That is why it is important that we raise money for their scholarship.
Scouting Santee: Is there anything else you would like people to know about the Pageant or the fund raiser?
Sierra Billock: It is going to be a really great event! As Miss Santee I also wanted to raise some money for a local charity. So I contacted Victoria at Michael’s Jewelers in Santee and she has donated a diamond and pearl necklace that is valued over $400. I will be auctioning or raffling this necklace at the event to raise money for Santee Santas. This group works all year round to help support families in Santee with food, clothes and toys. I am excited and hope we can make a lot of money for them!

Fashion Rocks the East is a fund raiser for both the Miss Santee and Miss La Mesa Pageants.  For more information or for tickets to the event, contact Alexandra Kuty, Pageant Director, at 619-698-4163 or via email misslamesapageant@yahoo.com.  You can also read my previous post on the event here.


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Summer Concerts – A Small Problem

In Consideration of Others

Two Thursdays ago, when Cash’d Out played at the Trolley Center amphitheater, there was a problem of people setting out blankets to “save” spots, then going off and doing whatever they felt like.  This was a bigger problem at this concert than at previous concerts, because of the sizable crowd.  At the top of each of the stairways is a sign which asks concertgoers to refrain from certain actions “In consideration of others.”  The first of these is “Blankets Spread out to Save Places,” which is only polite.  If you are going to set out a blanket, then at least leave one person from your group there to save the place.  I saw a number of people who were trying to find a spot to sit, only to come across empty blanket spread out  to take up space.  Today I’m only going to show a couple of the “offending” blankets, but if this seems to be a continuing problem I might consider showing the people as well.  So let’s try to think of others, please.


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