Retailer Roundtable on Alcohol

On Wednesday, July 15, the Santee Solutions Coalition is hosting a “Retailer Roundtable” for all alcohol retailers in Santee.  This forum, supported by the Santee Chamber of Commerce and Santee Councilmember John Minto, is an opportunity for off-site alcohol retailers (type 29 & 21) to share ideas with community members, the Alcohol & Beverage Control, and City representatives to help prevent youth access to alcohol.

The Roundtable will be held in Sunshine Hall at the United Methodist Church, 8964 N. Magnolia Ave., from 5:00-6:30 pm.  At the forum there will be information about assessments conducted on local retailers and special toolkits that can support the safe sale of alcohol in Santee.

If you are an off-site alcohol retailer, someone who works regularly with local youth, or a concerned community member, be sure to put this on your schedule, even if it is rather short notice.

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