Gone to the Dogs

Woodglen Vista Park Off-Leash Times

Santee has joined the list of “dog-friendly” communities with the opening of several off-leash park areas.  The three parks scheduled for off-leash hours are Woodglen Vista Park, Mast Park, and Big Rock Park.  Each park has its own schedule, but the basic rules are the same, as you can see by the sign: control your dog, clean up after it, and don’t let it cause trouble.  As for times at the tree parks, Big Rock Park can only be used as an off-leash site from dawn to 8:00 am Monday through Friday while Mast Park is off-leash from dawn to 8:00 am and 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm or dusk (whichever is earlier) every day.  Woodglen Vista Park is off-leash the same times as Mast Park, but only on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday; in addition the multi-purpose field is open from December 1 to August 15, and the ball field is open from August 16 to November 30.  This is to allow for the youth soccer that takes place in the late summer through fall.  Now, these time and day/date restrictions may not be all some had hoped for, but let’s all follow these rules and be good dog owners so we can keep the off-leash times and, maybe, get them extended in the future.


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2 responses to “Gone to the Dogs

  1. TheKackler

    Woo Hoo! love the leash free hours at Mast park!

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