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On Food Patrol – Frubble

Frubble Open Mic Night

Yes, we’re back on Food Patrol, and this time we’re dropping in at Frubble, the new restaurant/community center in the Pathways Church center at Mast Blvd. and Carton Hills Blvd.  I’ve stopped in several times for their signature offering, the frubble, but recently I finally had a chance to try some of their food offerings as well.  There are a few items I still want to try, but what I have tried is definitely worth having again.

Strawberry Frubble

Strawberry Frubble

One of their specialties is a wrap, with a choice of turkey, ham, barbecue ham, beef, and vegetarian.  I had the turkey wrap and the barbecue ham wrap, and my favorite of the two is the ham.  The balsamic vinegar dressing they use really sets off the tang of the barbecue.  It also gives a nice kick to the turkey wrap.  The wrap comes with an order of freshly cooked, crispy potato chips – some of the best chips I’ve had in a long time.

Barbecue Ham Wrap and Chips

Barbecue Ham Wrap and Chips

Frubble is always trying new items to find just what its patrons like best.  The last time I was there I got to taste a new rice bowl they are working on.  As it was I did find it a bit heavy, but Vicki and I talked about some ways to pep it up, such as including some onion and/or bell pepper.  I talked to her a couple days later and she had tried it with the bell pepper and that worked.  I want to check it out again and see how it is coming.  Another tasty-sounding item they are working on is a teriyaki burger or chicken sandwich.

Check them out and see what they have cooking now.



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