Santee Going to the Dogs – At Last

I just came across a link on Facebook to an article in the San Diego Union-Tribune about a recent decision by the Santee City Council.  The Council recently voted to make three parks – Woodglen Vista, Mast, and Big Rock – off-leash dog parks at certain times of the day.  This will be a one-year pilot project, and will depend greatly on how well owners can supervise their canine charges.  There will be a confirmation vote, which will probably be a formality, and then the program could go into effect by the end of the month.

From what I have seen, and based on the owners I have met at parks, this should not be a problem.  The only concern will be if the less-vigilant owners start coming down and letting their dogs run crazy in the parks.  So right now, I am asking all Santee dog owners to plan to be on their best behavior once this begins.  Clean up after your dogs, make sure they will respond to you right away if they start getting into trouble, and always watch where they are and what they are doing.  And be willing to speak up if you see someone not being responsible for their pet.  Taking your dog to the park is just like taking a child to the park – except you don’t have to take them into the restroom.

San Diego Union-Tribune: Calling all dogs in Santee


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2 responses to “Santee Going to the Dogs – At Last

  1. TheKackler

    FYI Ordinance 484 was implemented to add section 12.28.195! Santee Off-Leash is on! WooHoo!

    Click to access 484.pdf

    Thanks to everyone that voted YES!
    (Jones abstained and Minto was absent)

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