Frubble Hosts First After-Prom Party

Frubble After-Prom Party

The folks at Frubble were at it again Saturday night.  As part of their community connections direction they hosted a prom after-party for students from West Hills High School.  Owners Mark and Caroline Baker wanted to provide a safe, alcohol-free activity for teens following the biggest event of their high school career.  As Mark said, who wants to go right home after your prom?  So they brought in a DJ (Jeremy Peterson, aka DJ ANOMIE) and a young band, The Mayors of Sexy Town, some of whose members appeared to be post-prom as well.


The turn out, at least while I was there, was lmited, but the teens who came certainly seemed to be having a good time.  The Bakers were not disappointed at all.  They learned what worked and what they can do for next time they do this – which they certainly will, and very likely before next year’s prom season.  Can you say “After Homecoming”?  Stay tuned for details.

The Mayors of Sexy Town

The Kings of Sexytown

The Mayors of Sexy Town and a Special Guest

Kings of Sexytown Plus One

Having Fun at Frubble

Having Fun

Dancing the Night Away – Again

Dancing the Night Away


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5 responses to “Frubble Hosts First After-Prom Party

  1. Carol Oftedahl

    Cute couple. How can I optain a picture? She belongs to me.

  2. Racheal

    DJ pictured is Jeremy Peterson aka DJ ANOMIE. He’s amazing!

  3. Wow what a great night. The DJ was great and the Mayors of Sexy Town were so amazing !! We have booked them for 2 more nights. I’ll e-mail and post when it gets closer. Thanks again for all you do for Santee people 🙂

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