Happy Birthday HT!

Hollywood Tans, Santee

My apologies, first of all, for being somewhat tardy with this post.  The Santee Hollywood Tans (HT) celebrated its third anniversary on May 8 but with everything I have had going on I didn’t get this together until now.  So I will try to make up for that by having a good picture-filled post.

Welcome to Hollywood Tans

Hollywood Tans is not your run-of-the-mill tanning salon.  For one thing, the tanning booths are all vertical, which allows them to have more in the same space than a traditional salon has.  More booths means less wait time, which is a good thing for people in a hurry.  The company also claims that the vertical booths are more sanitary, since you don’t have the entire body lying on the surface.  I’ll leave that for the experts to figure out, but it does make sense to me. 

HT Booths 1HT Booths 2

Mother and daughter owners Debbie Kneeshaw and Erin Battle got the idea to open their Hollywood Tans after going to one and seeing how much they enjoyed it and deciding they wanted to open their own in Santee.  Shortly after that they contacted the corporate offices about a franchise and found that the company was looking to open a salon in, of all places, Santee.  The rest, as they say, is history.

RefreshmentsPrize Wheel

In the current economic climate, lasting even one year can be a major achievement.  HT-Santee is now three years old, and seems quite likely to continue for some time to come.  If you want to know more, you can check out the Hollywood Tans website, or call the local salon at 619-258-4248.  Meanwhile, enjoy a few more pictures from the celebration.

Lauren, Stacy, Krystal, and Erin (l-r) welcome patrons to the third anniversary celebration

Hollywood Tans Third Anniversary

The inside workings of the High Pressure and Instant Tan booths

High Pressure BoothInstant Tan Booth

Stacy (l) and Lauren (r) in the High Pressure booth

Stacy and Lauren

Choosing the right tan with friends

Choosing the Right Tan

Lauren reminds you that “Summer’s Coming”

Summer's Coming

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