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Frubble Hosts First After-Prom Party

Frubble After-Prom Party

The folks at Frubble were at it again Saturday night.  As part of their community connections direction they hosted a prom after-party for students from West Hills High School.  Owners Mark and Caroline Baker wanted to provide a safe, alcohol-free activity for teens following the biggest event of their high school career.  As Mark said, who wants to go right home after your prom?  So they brought in a DJ (Jeremy Peterson, aka DJ ANOMIE) and a young band, The Mayors of Sexy Town, some of whose members appeared to be post-prom as well.


The turn out, at least while I was there, was lmited, but the teens who came certainly seemed to be having a good time.  The Bakers were not disappointed at all.  They learned what worked and what they can do for next time they do this – which they certainly will, and very likely before next year’s prom season.  Can you say “After Homecoming”?  Stay tuned for details.

The Mayors of Sexy Town

The Kings of Sexytown

The Mayors of Sexy Town and a Special Guest

Kings of Sexytown Plus One

Having Fun at Frubble

Having Fun

Dancing the Night Away – Again

Dancing the Night Away


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Santee Street Fair – Quick Review

Santee Street Fair

I have returned from all day shooting at the first Santee Street Fair.  I will have a more detailed post on it soon, but I wanted to get something up tonight before I collapse from exhaustion.  And I know a number of others are at least as tired as I am, if not more so.  But it was all worth it.  I think I can safely say that this event exceeded at least the majority of expectations.

The planning for this day started only in January, and there were people who didn’t think it could be carried off.  Well, they were quite satisfied being wrong.  To give you an idea how successful the day was…

  • The Boy Scouts were selling pancake breakfast to raise money for their activities – they had to send out three or four times for more supplies
  • Eccentric International Chefs had to restock their supply of pastries three times
  • Hunter’s Steak House ran out of sides to go with their delicious tri-tip
  • Several vendors ran out of give-away items

Were there some glitches?  Of course there were, but nothing major – mix-ups on locations or a need to move someone seemed to be the biggest things.  Are there things that can be improved for next year?  Of course there were – and if you were at the Street Fair and saw something that could be improved, they want to hear about it.  After all, you can’t get better if you don’t know what to work on.

I’ll be back with a more in-depth post and more pictures soon.

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Street Fair on Saturday

Santee Street Fair

Okay, here is the last reminder you’ll get from me (no promises about getting them from anyone else) about the first Santee Street Fair on Saturday, May 30.  This is going to be a top-flight event, with something for just about everyone.  Want to check out some local businesses?  How about over 200 booths.  Something to eat?  Try the Johnsonville Big Taste Grill.  Care for some adult beverage?  Yep, there will be a Beer Garden, too.  And don’t forget games and rides for the kids of all ages.

Santee Street Fair

SignOnSanDiego Entertainment Guide

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May Santee Chamber Mixer

May Chamber Mixer

Thursday, May 21, was the monthly Santee Chamber After-5 Mixer.  This month the mixer was held at the office of Ronn Hall, near the Santee Library on Carlton Hills Blvd.  About two dozen local business owners and representatives met to network and share ideas.  The mixers are a good way to find out more about some of the businesses in Santee as well as to make connections that can bring benefits.  It is also a fun way to spend an evening with excited and forward-thinking people who want to make Santee even better.  At the end of the mixer drawings were held for Golf for 4 at Willowbrook, Two Tickets to Sea World (won by Kelly Fox of Express Blinds and More), gift bags from Allstate (won by Hartha Jackson of Jackson Publishing and Scott of Code Three Electrical), and the 50/50 (won by John Morley of Morley & Son Signs).  The Member Drawing pulled Affordable Massage, however they were not present, so the prize rolls over to next month.

Cake by Eccentric International Chefs

Cake by Eccentric International Chefs

Hosts Ronn and Virginia Hall with Chamber Executive Director Warren Savage

Virginia Hall, Ronn Hall, Warren Savage

Cafe 67 and the Halls provided the refreshments


The folks from COSTCO are always on hand to help check people in

Check In

Miss Santee Teen, Nicole Ehlke, and Miss Santee, Sierra Billock, joined Chamber Board Member Dan O’Brien

Nicole Ehlke, Sierra Billock, Dan O'Brien

Next month the After-5 Mixer will be at One Stop Lending and Realty, 9025 Carlton Hills Blvd.

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Santee Street Fair – All Set

Santee Street Fair

The spaces are taken, the bands are lined up, and everything is ready for the first Santee Street Fair.  Saturday, May 30, is the day, 10:00 am to 9:00 pm is the time, and Riverview Parkway just north of Mission Gorge Rd. is the place.  This is going to be a spectacle not to be missed, with rides, crafts, over 200 vendors, entertainment, and much more.  How much more?  How about a Beer Garden?  Not enough for you?  Well then, what about the Johnsonville Big Taste Grill – a 65-foot long behemoth that can grill up to 2500 bratwurst an hour!

The entertainment will include some local community groups in the morning, and four great bands in the afternoon and evening.  Kicking off the music at 1:30 pm is Outta Sync, playing “Classic Rock with a Detroit Edge.”  At 3:00 pm the Coolrays come in with their vintage “Beach Boys Style” music.  The Honky Tonk Kings, a regular at Santee events, hit the stage at 5:00 pm with their Country Western Swing-Rock music.  Finally, the 80z All Stars wrap up the evening with the sounds of the 80s starting at 7:00 pm.

For more details about the event, check out the Santee Street Fair website.

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Happy Birthday HT!

Hollywood Tans, Santee

My apologies, first of all, for being somewhat tardy with this post.  The Santee Hollywood Tans (HT) celebrated its third anniversary on May 8 but with everything I have had going on I didn’t get this together until now.  So I will try to make up for that by having a good picture-filled post.

Welcome to Hollywood Tans

Hollywood Tans is not your run-of-the-mill tanning salon.  For one thing, the tanning booths are all vertical, which allows them to have more in the same space than a traditional salon has.  More booths means less wait time, which is a good thing for people in a hurry.  The company also claims that the vertical booths are more sanitary, since you don’t have the entire body lying on the surface.  I’ll leave that for the experts to figure out, but it does make sense to me. 

HT Booths 1HT Booths 2

Mother and daughter owners Debbie Kneeshaw and Erin Battle got the idea to open their Hollywood Tans after going to one and seeing how much they enjoyed it and deciding they wanted to open their own in Santee.  Shortly after that they contacted the corporate offices about a franchise and found that the company was looking to open a salon in, of all places, Santee.  The rest, as they say, is history.

RefreshmentsPrize Wheel

In the current economic climate, lasting even one year can be a major achievement.  HT-Santee is now three years old, and seems quite likely to continue for some time to come.  If you want to know more, you can check out the Hollywood Tans website, or call the local salon at 619-258-4248.  Meanwhile, enjoy a few more pictures from the celebration.

Lauren, Stacy, Krystal, and Erin (l-r) welcome patrons to the third anniversary celebration

Hollywood Tans Third Anniversary

The inside workings of the High Pressure and Instant Tan booths

High Pressure BoothInstant Tan Booth

Stacy (l) and Lauren (r) in the High Pressure booth

Stacy and Lauren

Choosing the right tan with friends

Choosing the Right Tan

Lauren reminds you that “Summer’s Coming”

Summer's Coming

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Crime Watch – News on Child Molestation Case

A report just came out that Jared Yaffe, the main suspect in the baby sitter molestation case, has been caught in Brazil, of all places.  According to the report, he was captured on Monday and returned to the U.S. on Tuesday.  He will be arraigned in San Diego on 17 counts of child sexual assault and kidnapping.  I would expect other charges, since he is also accused of child pornography.

This makes two down, and possibly one to go.  Police are still looking for a man named “Nick” who may also have been involved.  I posted an earlier story, including a picture of Nick, back in February – you can access it here.

For a more detailed article, check out these stories:

NBC 7/39 News

10 News

San Diego Union-Tribune

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Drought Reaches New Stage

As most of you probably know by now, Padre Dam, and most of the other San Diego County water agencies, has raised their drought status to Level 2 (see the April 28 Union-Tribune article).  This means that certain cutbacks will become mandatory beginning July 1.  These will include restriction to three days of watering per week, and only ten minutes per “station,” and shutoff of non-recirculating ornamental fountains.  I’m sure there will be other restrictions/suggestions to come, since we have not had a “normal” year of rain for a while and the amount of water from the Sacramento Delta has been cut back substantially.

I think it might be a good idea to start a dialog on water-saving tips here – we can share ideas and find ways to support the community.  I will start by tossing out an idea I use: plug your tub when you take a shower and save the water (by the way, a short shower saves water to begin with).  You can use this water for a number of uses, including watering your garden (I use a pump and hose to get the water out) or flushing the toilet.

Here is another way to save water, especially if you have a large area with sprinklers.  First, in the interest of full disclosure I want you to know that I have been writing and editing copy for the advertising manager of this company recently.  But it is still a really interesting product and can be a water and money saver.  It’s called the No More Geysers Riser, and it is an automatic shut-off system for your sprinklers.  When a sprinkler head gets broken off, this thing shuts off the water just to that sprinkler – so no more having to shut down an entire area because of one or two broken heads.  You can learn more about the system at No More Geysers.

I hope some of you will comment and/or share your own ideas to save water.  You can also get more ideas at:

The 20-Gallon Challenge

Be Water Wise

Water – Use It Wisely

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E-Waste Recycling Event

As if this Saturday wasn’t busy enough, here is one more event that is really worth taking time for.  Arrow Metal Recycling, Inc., is holding a FREE E-Waste recycling collection starting from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  This is a great way to get rid of those old electronic items, such as computers, printers, televisions, small electronic devices, and the like.  Did you know that only about 10% or less of our E-Waste is currently disposed of properly?  The other 90%+ goes into our landfills where it leaches out toxic metals and other hazardous chemicals.  Arrow Metal will take all of your E-Waste, recycle what can be reused, and properly dispose of the rest.

If you want more information on what they will take, you can call them at 619-710-2777 or e-mail them at

For a flyer about the event, you can access it through the City of Santee Event Calendar.

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Marketplace at Santee Grand Opening Ceremony

Marketplace at Santee Opening Ceremony

On Saturday morning, May 2, Sudberry Properties and the Santee School District held a Grand Opening for The Marketplace at Santee and Dedication Ceremony for the Santee Schools Arts Attack Tile Project.  The ceremony was held in a pleasant patio-style area on the west side of the center, behind the Starbucks, where tiles created by students in the Arts Attack programs are on display along walls and bench areas.

Long-time Santee residents remember the Marketplace as the old roller rink and several small shops.  It was a real disappointment when the rink closed down, but the age of the buildings and the presence of asbestos and other toxic elements meant that they had to go.  The property was purchased by a private group, which eventually brought in Sudberry Properties to help bring the project to fruition.    Here is what the center looked like last November when Henry’s opened.  The Tile Project is just to the right of the orange-peach colored building at the far end.

Marketplace at Santee - November 2008

Tom Sudberry, Chairman of Sudberry Properties, was the host for the ceremonies, and speakers included his son and President/CFO of Sudberry Properties, Colton Sudberry, Santee Councilmember, Jack Dale, and Ted Hooks of the Santee School District.  Also on hand were the school Arts Attack coordinators who worked with students directly.  As the District representative, and being involved with the Visual and Performing Arts programs that include Arts Attack, Ted Hooks called out the names of students whose artwork had been chosen for display and Colton Sudberry handed out certificates.  In addition to the certificate, each student received a gift bag, presented by a member of the Santana High School cheer squad.

Tom Sudberry, Chairman of Sudberry Properties

Tom Sudberry

Jack Dale, Santee City Councilmember, and Colton Sudberry, President and CFO of Sudberry Properties

Jack Dale & Colton Sudberry

Ted Hooks, Santee School District

Ted Hooks

Before the ceremony the West Hills High School Pep Band performed for the crowd, and students and their families were treated to pastries and drinks in one of the soon-to-be store areas.  Afterwards everyone was invited to enjoy specials from some of the center shops.

West Hills High School Pep Band

Student Reception

Special thanks goes to Carmen McKissack of Color Me Mine, who coordinated and handled the firing of all of the tiles.

Color Me Mine

Michelle Ehlke, Santee Princess and sister of Miss Santee Teen, Nicole Ehlke, was among students honored

Michelle Ehlke

Santana High School Cheerleaders handed out gift bags

Handing Out Gift Bags

Check out a few more pictures from the event here.

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