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On Food Patrol – The Omelette Factory

The Omlette Factory

The Omelette Factory is one of those restaurants that knows what it does well and sticks with it.  Open for breakfast and lunch only, they focus on doing the best meals possible.  I’ve eaten here several times, and every time I had great food and lots of it.  I especially enjoy the omelettes – which makes perfect sense.The Omlette Factory - Exterior

The Omlette Factory - InteriorThe family-owned restaurant, which has been around since 1994, is located on Mission Gorge Rd., on the west side of Santee.  The interior is very much a family cafe style, with plenty of room for diners.  Although it was fairly empty the last time I was there, I have seen long lines and waits at busy times.

South Baja Omlette

This last time there I had the South Baja Omelette, which is simply loaded with jalepenos and cheese, with avocado and sour cream on top.  The hash browns were not as crisp as I like them, but few restaurants do them as crispy as I like.  And then there was the huge blueberry muffin, as good as I’ve had anywhere else.  My daughter was with me and she had the Californian, another tasty choice for avocado lovers.  I have not had their lunch yet, since I usually go there for breakfast/brunch, but I plan to try it some time – probably their Factory Burger, which sounds like a full meal on its own.  If you’re looking for good food and good value, this is a good choice to make.  Their meals are generous, and the most expensive meal is still under $10 (under $15 if you include a drink, taxes, and tip).  And babies love their muffins – just ask my granddaughter.

Babies Love Muffins

Check out The Omelette Factory website for full menu and weekly specials.


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