I Frubble – Do You?

Frubble Grand Opening

Saturday afternoon, April 11, was the grand opening of Frubble, a new specialty eatery in Santee located next to Pathways Community Church at 9628 Carlton Hills Blvd.  If you’ve never heard of “frubble,” just wait – you will soon enough.  The restaurant is a great mix of food, fun, community involvement, and of course, the frubble.  For anyone who missed my preview last week, a frubble is like a fruit smoothie with tapioca balls (i.e. boba) – but it is more than that.  You really have to try one to understand.  I took one home to my oldest daughter, who is a boba aficionado, and she loved it.  To be honest, I like it, too (great, now I’m sounding like an old soap commercial).

Frubble is the brainchild of Mark and Caroline Baker, who wanted to provide a place for families to come for good food and drinks at a reasonable price.  I haven’t tried it yet, but Mark told me about a special breakfast dish that can easily feed two or more and still not destroy your wallet.  I will check this out and report back later.  In addition to the food and drinks, Frubble provides free wi-fi, computer stations, and space for groups to meet.  The Bakers want Frubble to be a “top-of-mind” destination for all of Santee, and they are willing to be creative to make it happen.  For example, Mark – an obvious tech-head – has wired the restaurant so each group area can have an individual music feed.  He has put together a wall of pictures using nine monitors to cycle through pictures taken at the restaurant, and he has a backup system ready when the first one is full.  And finally, there are plans to have a small recording room available for anything from podcasts to music tracks.  This is definitely a place to keep an eye on.

Mark and Caroline Baker are joined by Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Warren Savage

Mark & Caroline Baker and Warren Savage

Miss Santee, Sierra Billock, and Miss Santee Teen, Nicole Ehlke, with the Bakers

Miss Santee, Miss Santee Teen, and the Bakers

Eager customers kept the staff busy

Keeping the Staff Busy

Justin Newell, a high-school youth group leader at Pathways Community Church, provided musical entertainment

Justin Newell

Chamber of Commerce members sip frubbles as they wait for the ribbon cutting

Chamber Members Frubble

Mark and Caroline Baker with the ceremonial ribbon cutting

Ribbon Cutting

Customers could have their caricature done while sipping


Miss Santees Frubble

Miss Santees Frubble

Full HouseKeeping the Frubbles Flowing

Justin and the Picture WallFood and Frubble

For more information, just Frubble!


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