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Sonic Update – Lines and Tips

Sonic Lines

The public has arrived, and they are hungry (and thirsty).  According to a news story, there were over 100 cars waiting for Sonic to open on Monday, some having started lining up as early as 6:00.  I stopped by this afternoon, andSonic Staging Area the wait was about 35 minutes to get in to order.  Not so bad, and after all, it is the only Sonic in San Diego County.

To avoid causing traffic problems on Mission Gorge Rd., Sonic has created a drive-in/drive-through “staging area” on Railroad Ave.  If you approach Sonic on Mission Gorge, you will be directed around to the staging area – and you’ll have to continue past the cars already in line, then do a 3-point turn (remember those from driver’s ed?) to get to your spot at the end.

Sonic Waiting Line

So much for the lines – now for the tip: If you are planning to go to Sonic, I would suggest you come in on Railroad Avenue from Buena Vista Avenue (you can get there from Cottonwood Avenue off Mission Gorge Road) – this way you avoid having toEnd of the Line drive down Railroad to the end of the line.

And, after waiting patiently, comes the moment you have been waiting for – when a smiling carhop rolls out to your car with your order.  In this case, two Route-44 limeades.

Sonic Carhop

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