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Do You Frubble?

Okay, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “What the heck does ‘frubble’ mean?”  Well, the Urban Dictionary defines it as “total joy over someone else’s happiness,” and this is the meaning used by the owners of this new restaurant on Carlton Hill Blvd.  It can also refer to the fruit smoothies with tapioca bubbles (aka “boba”) that are their specialty.  Frubble is located in the Pathways Community Church center at Carlton Hills and Mast Blvd., and even though it has been open for several weeks now, the official grand opening will be this Saturday, April 11.

In addition to the fruit drinks and boba, they also have teas, wraps, and more.  Plus the spacious restaurant has computers and wi-fi connection, making it a great place to plop yourself down for some studying or web surfing.  They also have free meeting space for youth groups and will work with other community groups who are interested.

For more information check out the Frubble site.

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