Shop Santee and Save!

Shop Santee

In this age of economic uncertainty, how can shopping in Santee save you money?  Well, on April 1 the California state sales tax rate will increase by 1% in an effort to raise money to bridge the huge state budget gap.  Along with the recent increases in neighboring cities, that will make the sales tax rate 9.5% in La Mesa and 9.75% in El Cajon, compared to 8.75% here in Santee.  When you think about it, that can really add up on large purchases.

To promote this, the City of Santee and the Santee Chamber of Commerce will hold a press conference at 11:00 am on April 1 at the Santee Trolley Square Clock Tower.  At the conference they will kick off the “Shop Santee and Save” campaign and unveil a new pro-business logo.  More on this campaign soon.


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2 responses to “Shop Santee and Save!

  1. Sherry

    Oh brother! What will these bozos dream up next to shove down everyone’s throats as a bright idea.
    That’s a pretty little valley you have there, regardless.

    And what happened to send a teabag to Washington Tea Party? Cute, but somewhat benign for my taste. Anyway, I think those politicians prefer a tall Starbucks Latté with their pork rinds.

    Goodluck, Santee Steve!

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