Santee Chamber Ambassadors

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the Santee Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors.  This is a group of local Santee business men and women who go a few steps beyond the normal Chamber member role.  They reach out to other businesses, attend business grand openings, and help promote the city as a business destination.  Currently the main project on the Chamber’s and Ambassadors’ list is the upcoming Santee Street Fair, which will be on May 30 at Riverview Parkway and Mission Gorge Rd. (more on this soon).  If you own or work at a business in Santee, and you would like to become involved in the Chamber or see how the Chamber can help you, follow the link below to their website.

2009 Santee Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors

Santee Chamber Ambassadors

L-R: Dan O’Brien, Warren Savage, John Morley, Virginia Hall, Ronn Hall, Richard Jackson

Not Pictured: Ike Enzenauer, Hartha Jackson, John Olson, Rob McNelis, Gabriel Pino, Cynthia Howard, Jason Schelte

Santee Chamber of Commerce

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