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Cajon Park – New Building Open

Cajon Park School - New Building

The winds blew and rain fell, but nothing could dampen the excitement at Cajon Park School today.  At last the new building is open and students and teachers alike are taking part of the day to explore their new home.  I had an opportunity to scout it out on my own, and wanted to share some pictures of views you haven’t seen yet.  But first, a few details about the new building.  As you might notice in some of the pictures, all of the work is not yet complete.  There is still the landscaping to finish, as well as a few odds and ends inside.  However, enough work is done for the classes to move in – a week before originally scheduled, I might add.  Also, the last I heard the job was at or slightly under budget.  Having been involved in construction projects before, that is big to be under budget and early.  Years ago I was teaching at a school that was in the process of rebuilding – that project ended up going several months beyond when it was scheduled to be finished, opening up just the week before school started.  So I have to give a tip of the hat to Barnhart, Inc. for the great work done.

The main entrance to the new building

Main Entrance

Interior View – Upstairs

Interior - Upstairs

Ramp to the Main Campus

Ramp to Main Campus

The Front of the Building from the Parking Lot

View from Parking Lot

Some Last-Minute Work

Last-Minute Work

View from the Second Floor

View from Second Floor

There will be an official ribbon cutting ceremony in the spring when work has been completed on the upgrades to the Library/Media center and the last of the current buildings.  This will probably be one of the last updates on the Cajon Park Construction until then.

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