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Lights, Camera…Christmas!

SANTEE: December, 2008.  SDG&E has reported a huge spike in electricity usage for the 92071 zip code.  Reports indicate that the spike seems to be centered in a neighborhood located just north of Santana High School.  Further information indicates high voltage merriment with sparks of joy and good cheer.  More details to follow…

Starlight Circle

Yes, it’s true – there is a big increase in electricity use, as well as merriment, joy, and holiday cheer in that little neighborhood known this time of year as Starlight Circle.  Most of the year this is just another family-oriented neighborhood, made up of W and E Glendon Circle along with Nubbin Ct. and Tomel Ct., but at the crack of December it transforms into a visual feast of lights and decorations.  Now is the time to swing through, before the heaviest holiday traffic begins.  You can drive around the circle, but better yet, find a place to park and walk.  It is a short stroll, and you can linger in front of favorites like Scooby-Doo and Friends, Garfield, the Nutcracker, and many others.  Plus you can partake in the myriad goodies available, like hot cocoa, warm spiced cider, cookies, and more.  And you don’t have to worry about someone behind you getting antsy and honking a horn or flashing high beams at you.

You can access Starlight Circle via Tomel Ct. off N. Magnolia Ave., or Josie Jo Ln. off El Nopal.

And now, a little preview of the show…

Disney Christmas


Snow-family Noel


Polar Bear Christmas


Penguin Christmas



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