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Let’s Get Those Signs Down!


As I warned, I am now going to start posting pictures of political signs that are still up, along with the location of the offending signs.  Most of them are on public property, so there shouldn’t be any problem for the candidates involved to stop and pull them down.  Oh, and just because your sign is on the ground, that doesn’t count as being removed.

Thank you, Larry & Rose

Thank You, Shirley!!

Candidate: Michael Benoit, 52nd Congressional District

Location: On the back of a fence, Northwest corner of the Cuyamaca Street/Mast Blvd. intersection

I also noted another sign for Mr. Benoit on Magnolia Ave. the other day, but I didn’t have a chance to take a photograph of that one.  And I still need to stop by SR-125 and Mission Gorge Rd. to see if the signs on the ground there have been picked up yet.

If you know of any other political signs that need to come down, please let me know and I will post them as well.  I will also send a link to the candidates and/or proposition supporters so that they can get these signs down.


Less than 10 minutes after I emailed Larry Urdahl about his signs he responded and told me he would have them down by Friday.  A tip of the hat to Mr. Urdahl, who also told me that he spent 3 hours one day after the election just taking down signs in Santee.

As of now – early January – all of the signs seem to be down.

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