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Post-Election Poster Update


As promised, here is an update on what I’ve found as far as election posters that have not yet been taken down.  From what I’ve seen, the offending signs are mostly for school board races.  The Urdahls have some on Carlton Hills Blvd. and Schreiber has some on Cuyamaca St.  There are also a few scattered around from other candidates, and I have seen one “Yes on 8” sign and one for “Michael Benoit for Congress” that need to be removed.  I have not had the chance to go back and check the pile of signs on Mission Gorge near SR-125, but I will do that sometime soon.

Remember, win or lose, the election is over and it is time to get those signs down.  If you know any of the candidates/proposition campaigns mentioned, please remind them that we would like to have our sign-free views again.  And if you see any signs, please let me know and I will include them in the next PEP Update.

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