Political Clean-Up Time

It’s only a few days after the election – probably one of the most heavily-promoted of lateley – and I’m very pleased to see that many of the signs are already down.  Below are some Before-and-After pictures from a couple of the most posted locations around town.  I want to encourage all of the candidates, supporters, proposition pro or con groups, etc., to do the right thing and get those signs down.

SR-125 and Mission Gorge

Before the Election – 10/20/08

Political Signs 125 & MGR

After the Election – 11/6/08

SR-125 & MGR

Mission Gorge East of SR-125

Before the Election – 10/20/08

 Political Signs MGR

After the Election – 11/6/08



So where do political signs go after the election?  Well, not all of them go quietly, nor do they all go completely away, as you can see below.

Political trash 1

Political trash 2







Okay, folks, let’s make sure these are taken care of as well.  I will be checking around town beginning next week and I will be listing candidates and propositions that have signs still up.  If anyone would like to send me their own list, I would be happy to include it.  The campaign is over, time to clean up Santee.


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