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At Least Something Is Going the Right Direction – For Now

I have to say that I was quite pleasantly surprised yesterday (Friday) when I headed out in the morning and saw these prices for gas.  It would be nice if we kept going this way, but I’m sure we won’t for long.  Too bad there isn’t a way to bank the gas at this price for later on as they are doing in some other states.

One question still bothers me – why will people go to another station down the street and pay substantially more (I think regular was going for over $3) for gasoline?  Another station, in San Diego, had regular at just over $3 but premium at about $.40 higher – just crazy!  I’ve heard talk from people that the more expensive gas is “better” for their cars, but I’ve also been told by people in the gasoline business that the actual differences in the gas are extremely small.  All the gas in the county basically comes from that big tank farm over by the stadium, so we’re starting with the same base.  Well, I’ll just stick with the least expensive gas and try to take a little better care of the car.


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