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Willy Wonka Update

The Cast of East County CYT's "Willy Wonka"

The Cast of East County CYT’s “Willy Wonka”


This Saturday and Sunday will be the final three performances of East County CYT’s production of “Willy Wonka” at the East County Performing Arts Center (ECPAC).  Because Friday is Halloween the theater will be dark while the kids hit the trick-or-treat road.  Saturday’s performances will be at 2:00 and 7:00 and Sunday’s will be at 2:00.  This is a very entertaining show with some extremely talented kids – and not one is over 18!  CYT is the ultimate example of Family Entertainment.

Information on CYT’s “Willy Wonka”


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CYT Presents “Willy Wonka”

Just a quick update on things happening.  This weekend was the opening of the CYT East County production of “Willy Wonka” at the East County Performing Arts Center.  Once again we have several Santee kids involved both on stage and as part of the backstage crew.  The show is a delightful recreation of the classic movie with Gene Wilder, and is well worth seeing. 

Click here for a clip from rehearsals for the show.

If you want some information on show times, click on the link below

CYT – Willy Wonka

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At Least Something Is Going the Right Direction – For Now

I have to say that I was quite pleasantly surprised yesterday (Friday) when I headed out in the morning and saw these prices for gas.  It would be nice if we kept going this way, but I’m sure we won’t for long.  Too bad there isn’t a way to bank the gas at this price for later on as they are doing in some other states.

One question still bothers me – why will people go to another station down the street and pay substantially more (I think regular was going for over $3) for gasoline?  Another station, in San Diego, had regular at just over $3 but premium at about $.40 higher – just crazy!  I’ve heard talk from people that the more expensive gas is “better” for their cars, but I’ve also been told by people in the gasoline business that the actual differences in the gas are extremely small.  All the gas in the county basically comes from that big tank farm over by the stadium, so we’re starting with the same base.  Well, I’ll just stick with the least expensive gas and try to take a little better care of the car.

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Upcoming Chamber of Commerce Activities

Just a quick update on what the Santee Chamber of Commerce is up to this month.  The monthly After-5 Mixer will be this Thursday (10/16) at Cookies by Design, 30 Town Center Parkway, Suite B starting at 5:30 pm.  Sunrise Santee is at the Hometown Buffet on Tuesday 10/21 starting at 7:25 am.  These are two great places to network with other Santee business owners.  Also, the Chamber will have its annual Award Night on October 23 at Sonrise Community Church (on Magnolia Ave).  There will be a reception starting at 5:30 pm followed by the ceremony.

Three other big events are coming as well this month.  The annual Fall Craft Fair will be October 24 & 25 from 10-4 in the Wal-Mart Parking lot.  Looking forward to the election, there will be a Candidates Night on October 27 at City Hall, beginning at 7:00 pm.  Last, but certainly not least, Santee finally gets its own Rubio’s!  The grand opening for Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill is October 29 starting at 5:30 pm at 130 Town Center Parkway.  See you there!

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Fall Festival Follow-Up

The other day I blogged about the Guardian Angels Fall Festival which started last night (Friday 10/10).  Tonight I stopped by to check it out and get a few photos to put up.  I had a chance to talk to Darlene Szczeblewski, the co-chair of the Festival, and she said that it was turning out to be one of the best they have had.  She told me that a number of people had worried that the downturn in the economy would affect the Festival, and it did – but not the way they worried it would.  It seems that people are turning to simple family-oriented activities, like the Festival.  And maybe this is just how it should be.

Every year the Festival features about a dozen or more kids’ games, from ring and bean bag tosses to golf putting and more.  The games bring in a small amount of money, but the main goal of these events is to provide some good old fashioned fun for the youngsters – and a few oldsters as well.  (Isn’t that a nice change from, say, the so-called Fun Zone at the County Fair, with its bent hoops and over-inflated basketballs.)

Another big draw at the Festival is always the food court.  Here you can find a range of noshes from corn dogs and hamburgers to burritos and tacos to lumpia and pansit.  Since it was late when I stopped in, the crowds were mostly gone.  Unfortunately so was a lot of the food.  The biggest disappointment for me was that the Filipino Food Booth was out of everything except a little pansit.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do like pansit, but I was looking forward to some lumpia and chicken adobo as well.  Well, maybe next time.

Of course, what would a community festival be without the obligatory beer garden for the grown ups?  The beer garden at the GA Festival is not just a place to go for a cold brew, but also a refuge from the wild and crazy kids running here and there.  And with three TVs carrying the playoffs, what more could you ask for?  Word on the street is that the garden was so popular that they were almost out of libations with Sunday left to go.  Well, I’m sure they will solve the problem in time.

Oh, yes, let’s not forget about the Festival Dance.  As you can see, by the time I arrived the dance was pretty much for the kids.  They were having a great time hip-hopping and bopping (do kids today still “bop”?) to the music from today and yesterday.

The Festival runs one more day, starting at 9:00am on Sunday 10/12 and going on to 7:00 when they have the final drawing for the Grand Raffle, with a first prize of $3,000.  Take a little time out of your busy day and head on over to the Festival.

Guardian Angels is located at 9310 Dalehurst, between Carlton Hills Blvd. and Fanita Parkway.  Click here for directions and more information about the Fall Festival.

The Fall Festival Beer Garden Brew Crew

Festival Food Booths – Good Eats!

The Ever-Popular Filipino Food Booth

More of the Fun Zone

Ye Olde Castle Jumper

Festival Co-Chair Darlene Szczeblewski and Merlin

Follow-Up Follow-Up

I just wanted to post a few pictures from Sunday so you can see what the Festival looks like during the day.  If I hear anything about big winners from the Raffle I will put their names up.

The craft booths were mostly shut down last night – here they are during the day.

Father Kevin Casey, Associate Pastor at Guardian Angels, proving that Irish priests do play golf – even if not very well.

The very busy Food Court during lunch time – and this doesn’t include the people inside the hall for the BBQ Lunch.  And yes, today the Filipino Food Booth had plenty of lumpia.

The big draw for the afternoon was the Charity Auction, with donated items from termite inspections to passes to the Maritime Museum to Chargers items.

If you missed the Fall Festival next year, you’ll just have to wait until October 2009 – or keep an eye out for other festivals around town.

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Santee Church Links

The other day I set up a new set of links here on Scouting Santee for local churches.  Now here is where you out there can help me.  I linked to as many Santee area churches as I was able to find, but I know it is quite possible that I missed a few.  If you know of any other local religious organizations that have websites, I would appreciate it if you would link me to them.  Thanks in advance.

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Guardian Angels Fall Festival


Just a quick “What’s Up” update.  This weekend Guardian Angels Church in Santee will be holding its annual Fall Festival.   Festivities start Friday evening at 5:00pm, with a dance at 7:00.  On Saturday the fun begins at noon and goes until 10:30pm, and includes more dancing, a BBQ from 2:00-8:00, and entertainment all day.  Sunday starts at 9:00am with a Grand Raffle just before closing at 7:00pm.

The church is located at 9310 Dalehurst Road, and can be approached from Lake Canyon Road via either Settle Road or Lake Canyon Court.  For more information, click on the links below.

Guardian Angels Fall Festival

Guardian Angels Church

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