The Hot Dogs of Santee

The past few weeks I’ve been blogging about the Santee Summer Concerts at the Trolley Center.  One thing I’ve noticed about the concerts, it’s not just people who come to hear the music.  Every week there were quite a few hot dogs who joined their families.  Now, I’m not going to say that every dog there enjoys the music, but most of them do seem to enjoy being out and about, meeting new dogs and getting their share of attention from the people (especially kids).  So, here are the hot dogs of Santee…

The first dog I have to share is my own.  Bear is a 12 year old (more or less) Chow-Lab mix.  Or as we call him, our “Chowbrador.”  We’ve only brought him once – he wasn’t too big on the music, and frankly the other dogs scare him.  He is a HUGE coward around other dogs.  We figure it has something to do with being on the street for a while.  We got him from the Animal Shelter, but it was pretty clear that he had been a house dog before he got dumped.  Our other dog won’t be coming to any of the concerts – she is a “bitch” in all senses of the word.  Fine with people, but hates most other dogs – except Bear.

I don’t have as much information about the other dogs, but I will share pictures and names for the ones I have.

This handsome English mastiff was a regular at the concerts.









On the left is Max, a German shepherd.  He was another regular at the concerts.  The puppy on the right, whose name I didn’t get, was with Max and his family at the Honky Tonk Kings concert.

These two were at several of the concerts as well.  I unfortunately forgot their names, but the little one on the right was quite a character, dancing on his hind legs and standing up with his front paws on the other dog’s back so he could see better.

Talk about the face only a mother could love – or a bulldog fanatic.  This is Spanky, and he was only too happy to pose for a picture.  My older daughter would simply adore him.

This little trio came out to a couple concerts.

Jack, a chocolate lab, is a former DEA drug dog.  He is now happily retired and enjoys a bit of music and a good walk now and then.







Leila (l) and Harley (r) were a pair of Boston terriers I met at the 80z All Stars concert.  Leila in particular was rather difficult to photograph, since she just would not stand still.

This beautiful Doberman came to several concerts, but I forgot to write her name down.  Her owners chose not to have her ears or tail bobbed, which is just fine with me.  It makes her look like the friendly dog she is.

Buddy is a “terrier mix” – or as my wife likes to say, a “Heinz-57” variety.  I only saw him at the last concert, but he was certainly having a good time.

This little Maltese-Poodle mix is named Nixon, and I guess if you look at him you can see a slight resemblance to the former president.  Oh, and by the way, he is NOT a crook.

It must be something about Boston terriers, but Chico, here, also would not stay still long enough to get a good picture of him.  He was a very friendly little guy, but very active.

Maggie is a border collie-lab mix I met at the last concert.  I’ve decided that mixed breeds seem to be the friendliest and calmest overall – not quite as hyper as some of the purebreds.  I know that is true with my own dogs.

The rest of these pictures are dogs I met at the different concerts, but whose names I either didn’t get or forgot to write down (shame on me!).  If any of you know these dogs, I’ll be more than happy to identify them.  Otherwise, enjoy the pictures.














Egads, I almost forgot one last part of this “Hot Dogs” post.  One of the regular sponsors the last few weeks of the concert series was Camp Bow Wow, a doggy day care and overnight “camp” located in El Cajon.  This sounds like a pretty cool place for your dogs if you need to leave them somewhere for a day or more, and I should probably check it out.  If you want more information, click on their link above.  I want to thank Cynthia Wilson from Camp Bow Wow (on the left, below) for reminding me.  I guess that’s what happens when we get older, losing our hair… (apologies to J,P,G,&R).


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  1. You took a picture of us at the Santee Concerts. We were in the Camp Bow Wow booth. I didn’t see the picture on your website and I was wondering if you will be putting it on there. I check back all the time. Let me know. Thanks.

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