Bayou Blowout in Santee

The Bayou Brothers Cook Up a Little Cajun in Santee

The Bayou Brothers Cook Up a Little Cajun in Santee

Last Thursday, August 21, the weekly Summer Concert featured the Bayou Brothers, a Zydeco band that sounds straight out of “N’awlins.”

This was the next-to-last concert of the summer, and people were more than ready to dance the night away.  There was a whole lotta shakin’ going on down there with all that “musical gumbo” the group dished up.  With a rocking mix of Zydeco, blues, R&B, and more, the band had something for just about every taste.  Many of the members have been playing professionally for decades, and they bring a load of talent and experience to the stage.  To learn more about the band, check out the Bayou Brothers website.

Miss Santee Teen, Lizzie Lingasin

Miss Santee Teen, Lizzie Lingasin

The Summer Concert Series has been a great draw for the Trolley Center, as well as a wonderful way for Santee residents to get out, mingle, have some fun, and meet new and old friends.  All of the sponsors of the Series deserve a round of applause for helping to bring the great music to the community.  I also want to give a “shout out” to the young women who have been there to welcome everyone and just generally add a little class to the evenings…

Miss Santee, Heather DePriest

Miss Santee Teen, Lizzie Lingasin

Miss Congeniality, Emily Zobel

Miss Santee – First Runner Up, Kimberly Swank

And any others I missed from the earlier concerts.

The final concert in the series will be Thursday, August 28, featuring 80Z All Stars.

The Bayou Brothers Are…

Tim Cash – Bass and Vocals

John Chambers – Accordian, Keyboards, and Vocals

Paul Kostellanos – Guitar and Vocals

Ric Lee – Drums and Percussion

Jessica Stull – Rubboard


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