Hep “Cats” Rock Santee

The Cat-illacs Rock Santee
The Cat-illacs Rock Santee
This past Thursday the Cat-illacs brought their brand of vintage rock-and-roll to the Trolley Center. 
From left to right - Sketch, Harley, Rocco, Gator

The Cat-illacs: From left to right - Sketch, Harley, Rocco, Gator

Is this group popular?  Well, if you tried to get a parking spot within reasonable walking distance, you would know the answer to that question.  To be honest, I have not been to all of the summer concerts this year, but this was by far the biggest crowd I’ve seen.  One person even admitted to having set up that morning just to be sure to get a good spot to enjoy the music.  Now that is dedication!

The band specializes in the classic rock, blues, and soul of the 50s and 60s, with a generous helping of hits of the 70s-90s to keep everyone dancing.  And dance

Dancing to The Cat-illacs

Dancing to The Cat-illacs

they did.  There was even a group of women line dancing in the aisle between the groups of chairs set up around the amphitheater.

As they have every week I have gone to the concert, the City of Santee had an information booth set up.  In addition to information about services and activities they have been providing information about the proposed expansion of Las Colinas.  More about that in a future blog.

This was one of the last summer concerts of the year.  The final conerts will be:
August 21: The Bayou Brothers
August 28: 80z All Stars
Come out and enjoy the warm nights, good music, and the all-around fun of the Santee Summer Concert Series.  And check out more about the Cat-illacs at their website (link below).
Santee's Miss Congeniality, Emily Zobel.  Does she look at all like Sandra Bullock?

Santee’s 2008 Miss Congeniality, Emily Zobel

The Cat-illacs

Harley (Steve Loftis) – Bass and Vocals

Harley (Steve Loftis) - Bass and Vocals

Rocco (Michael Stone) – Guitar and Vocals

Sketch (Thom Van Ourkerk) – Keyboards, Saxaphone, Vocals

Gator (Mark Siers) – Lead Guitar and Vocals

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