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Y3K Rocks Santee

Y3K Rocks the Trolley Center

Y3K Rocks the Trolley Center

What?  Aren’t we still in the 21st Century?  Did we time-travel to the year 3001?  Is all the technology going to crash again?

Rockin' Out with Y3K

Rockin' Out with Y3K

At ease, friends.  Y3K isn’t some new millenium virus for your computer.  What Y3K happens to be is one hot dance band that just played at the weekly Summer Concert at Trolley Center last Thursday.  This is a high-energy band that really enjoys getting people up and on their feet, and the crowd was more than happy to oblige.

 The band has been around for about 9 years now, and has played at quite a range of venues, including the San Diego Marathon, Seaport Village, Humphrey’s Resort, and Dick’s Last Resort. 
Miss Santee Teen Lizzie Lingasin Rockin' with Y3K

Miss Santee Teen Lizzie Lingasin Rockin' with Y3K

Y3K is made up of five talented individuals, mixing vocals, keyboard, guitar, and various forms of percussion as they cover top hits of the last few decades.  You can find out more at their website: Y3K, San Diego’s Modern Dance Band.

Y3K is…

Andi Judge – Vocals and Interpretive Dance

Ed Been – Guitar and Vocals

John Weber – Keyboard and Vocals

Preacher – Vocals and Percussion

Rocko – Drums

The last three Summer Concerts will be:
August 14: The Cat-illacs (Rock-and-Roll from the 50s – 90s)
August 21: Bayou Brothers (Zydeco)
August 28: 80z All Stars (Rocking Hits of the 80s)
All concerts run from 6:30 to 8:00, and best of all they’re FREE!  Be sure to get there early if you want a table or the best spot for your folding chairs.


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