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Santee Summer Concerts

Honky Tonk Kings at the Trolley Center

Honky Tonk Kings at the Trolley Center

Every summer Santee and the Santee Trolley Center put on a series of Thursday night concerts at the Center’s amphitheater.  The music, the fun, and the companionship are all free.  If you’re hungry, there are plenty of places to grab a snack or a more substantial bite.  And if your taste runs to coffee or ice cream, you can get those as well.

I haven’t been very good at getting to the concerts this year, but I did make it last Thursday (July 31) to see the Honky Tonk Kings.  They’re billed as “Alternative roots country swing” – which is a mouthful – but they really play a wide variety of music.  In addition to music from some great country like Johnny Cash, they throw in some Elvis, some more modern country, some blues, and some pop/rock.  The group is a lot of fun to listen to, and as was obvious that night, to dance to as well.  You can check them out and see where they will be playing next at Honky Tonk Kings or see their MySpace page.

Upcoming acts at the Summer Concert series include:

August 7: Y3K (Dance hits of the 80s and 90s)

August 14: The Cat-illacs (Rock-and-Roll hits of the 50s – 90s)

August 21: Bayou Brothers (Zydeco)

August 28: 80z All Stars (can you guess what they play?)

Here are some pictures from the July 31 concert.

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