A Great New Musical

Kaitlyn Terrill stars as "Alice"

Introducing Kaitlyn Terrill as Alice

Have you ever had the experience of seeing something small that you just knew would explode some day?  Well, tonight my family and I went to the opening of a brand new musical based on the tales of Alice in Wonderland.  The play, called “Alice,” was written for and produced by Christian Community Theater.  This is an absolutely fabulous modern adaptation of the Lewis Carrol story made so famous by the Disney studios.  The music is fantastic, the acting is amazing, and all I can say is, watch out Broadway!
The story follows 17-year old Alice Lidelle, played by Kaitlyn Terrill, who has a most unusual coming-of-age experience.  I first met Kaitlyn when she played Anne Shirley in the Christian Youth Theater production of “Anne of Green Gables” – which was my daughter’s first CYT play.  This young woman knocks you out with her voice, her talent, her emotion, everything.  Her bio mentions that she was born in NYC and hopes to return one day to perform on Broadway – if she doesn’t make it, the Great White Way is hopeless.

After going to a concert of her favorite group, Red Queen, Alice meets the band manager Mr. R. Abbot (dressed in sparkling white, of course) and is invited to meet the lead singer, Delilah, at the Wonderland Talent Agency.  After falling through the door (with an amazing blackout-vortex-falling scene using blacklight, glowing props, and a multitude of black-clad lifters) she finds herself in a place with multiple moving doors, white mask-clad people, and a plethora of other strange characters.  Among others she meets are Matt Hadder, Marika O’Hare, and Dora Mauze – three fashion gurus/commentators – and Chester – a jack of all trades who pops in and out of her story.

The show is full of songs that delight as well as make you think.  The biggest response from the audience was a blues/jazz piece by Alice and Chester called “Mad, Mad Wonderland.”  The song “A Song to Comfort You,” performed by the White Night and his Knights (all clad in black – an ironic statement, as the Night tells Alice) is a hilarious piece of puffed up ego.

I really can’t say enough good things about this play.  If you are anywhere near El Cajon, you should do your best to see this show.  It runs the rest of this weekend (August 2 & 3) and next weekend (August 8-10).

For more information, check out their website: CCT/CYT



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4 responses to “A Great New Musical

  1. jp

    I sooooooo agree!!
    She’s amazing as is the entire ensemble.
    You want to see it over and over.
    I couldn’t have said it better.
    Not to be missed if you are in the San Diego area
    next weekend.

  2. jp

    I sooo agree. This show should go
    Broadway bound.

    Not to be missed!!!

  3. KG

    I’m on the crew for this show and every night I am blown-away by how amazing this show is. The cast is fantastic. The music is brilliant. Everything is so wonderful and this show is really something you can relate to.

    After every show I spend an hour rambling about how amazing this show is. I want to tell the world. And one day, when this show hits Broadway, I’ll be proud to say I’ve been here since it first opened. 😀

  4. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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