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Santee Business and Craft Expo

I had planned to get this up on Saturday, but several days of Internet connection problems got in the way.

This past weekend ( June 7 & 8 ) was the 19th annual Business and Craft Expo in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  The Expo is always a great chance for businesses to show off to the community, and this time we had nice weather to go with it.  It’s also a time for the craft-minded to share their work and talents, and there were several very interesting booths of crafts, from woodworking to knitting to glasswork and beyond.

The Expo also gives the city’s various departments the chance to show people just what is going on in the community.  As always, the Recreation Department showcased the various dance classes; the Planning Department displayed diagrams and artist’s renderings of ongoing projects, and the various public safety departments and groups did mini-education presentations.

If you missed the Expo, worry not.  There will be a Santee Day at the San Diego County Fair later this month, and there is usually a separate Craft Fair at Wal-Mart in the Fall.  Now, at last, here are pictures from the Expo.  The best way to see them is to right click on the picture you want and open it in a new window/tab, then left click to enlarge.


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