Ramona CYT Presents “Narnia”

We have just completed the first weekend of performances on “Narnia” by the Ramona Christian Youth Theater (CYT) group.  For those of you who don’t know what it is, CYT is a non-profit Christian organization that teaches children theater arts and then produces plays.  Adults are involved as directors, choreographers, and in other leadership positions, but all of the actors are ages 8-18, as are most of the crew (lights, sound, props, etc.).  Because the Ramona group is fairly new and doesn’t have a lot of kids involved yet, and there are heavy items to move, most of the set work has been done by adults for this production.  I had planned to be involved only in the writing and editing of the show program, but ended up being recruited into the backstage team.  It has been fun, but I haven’t seen the show yet, except for little glimpses as the kids go on or off stage.  You may remember that three Santee kids are in the play as Mr. and Mrs. Beaver and Mr. Tumnus.  I was planning on sharing some pictures from the dress rehearsals, but I’ve been having some technical problems and they won’t post.  If I get things working I’ll have them up.

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