Looking at the Congressional Race

Seal of the U.S. Congress

This June, along with other assorted propositions and positions, East County residents will be voting on a replacement for long-term Congressman Duncan Hunter.  Last year Congressman Hunter decided to forgo another run (or in his case, cakewalk) for Congress and toss his hat into the race for President.  Earlier I blogged about being approached by one candidate for support and how I decided instead to post what I was looking for in a candidate.  Since no one took me up on that, I’m going to go to them instead.  I will be sending a request to each of the candidates to do a short taped interview, which I will then summarize and post here.  I also plan to post the interviews as podcasts, as well as posting written transcripts (depending on the length of the interviews).

So, here is a list of the candidates for the 52nd Congressional District, based on the Registrar of Voters information.

Democratic Candidates: Vickie Butcher, Mike Lumpkin

Libertarian Candidate: Michael Benoit

Republican Candidates: Duncan D. Hunter, Brian Jones, Rick Powell, Bob Watkins

I have sent invitations to all of the candidates, and I look forward to sharing their thoughts with all of you.


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  1. I am the Communications Director for Mike Lumpkin. He would like to talk to you about this. Please call him at the campaign HQ at 619-449-2496.

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