On Food Patrol – Smoothie King

The Smoothie King and His Assistant

One of my favorite food/beverage spots in Santee is the Smoothie King located in the Albertson’s center across from Santana High School.  The shop, which is a franchise, is owned and operated by Greg Hagen, who is a great supporter of community activities.  Greg was an underwriter for many years, but wanted to be his own boss (I can understand that).  He says he was attracted to Smoothie King because it is more than just a fast-food type of establishment.  He liked that there is a nutritional focus to the drinks, including various types of supplements, and that they carry healthy snacks along with the drinks.  He also likes that it is a simple business – not a lot of bells and whistles like some places.

As I said, Greg is very involved in the community.  He provides smoothies for special lunches at the high schools, and he’s always at community activities like the Santree Fest, and he will be at the Santee Business and Craft Fair in June.  Add to that, he’s just a great guy.  Oh, did I mention he caters functions as well?

Is this just shameless promotion of a local business?  No!  I’m not ashamed at all.  Honestly, it’s a good product and a good place to go, owned by a good man.  Check them out and see if you don’t agree with me.

Courtney Case Whips up a Smoothie


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  1. d

    Way too many calories in 99% of their products (although they look better than most of the competition).

    However harsh it might seem, the solution is to just not eat anything these places throw at us. “Healthy” has nothing to do with anything industrial thrown at us (no, it doesn’t matter if it contain fruits).

    After a while of getting used to (especially after you manage to setach from ) you realize water is more than enough in the drinking department.

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